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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Anthrum: The Deadliest Cursed Film Ever Made?

This film is steadily gaining fame around the Internet these days. Anthrum is dubbed as the dealiest film ever made. It is said to be the retelling of a rediscovered film that supposedly killed 60 people who have seen it. The film is now uploaded in many websites for people to see.

Image: Infinity Explorers

The film opened with a mini documentary explaining the lore and production of the film. Several film historians were shown to explain how a huge fire broke out during the film's 1988 screening in Budapest, Hungary. According to the autopsy report of the killed moviegoers, they did not die due to being trapped in the fire. Instead, each audience became a subject to spontaneous human combustion.

In short, audience burned to death as they watch the film. Other viewers who walked out of the film and left the theater before even finishing Anthrum suffered fates straight out of a Final Destination movie

Image: Horror World Reviews
The transition between the documentary and the film itself gave a warning to the viewers about the risk of watching it. Although the film itself moved slowly in the first scenes, the following scenes slowly descent into the very depths of hell. With unsettling visuals and an eerie binaural beats heard throughout the movie, it is very difficult to watch until the end. As the reviewer, you have to see the film for yourself.

Image: Unilad
The question  is, is the film really cursed? The answer is; No. It is just purely fictional. The supposed original reels from the 1988 does not exist. Anthrum is an award winning film first shown in 2019. The film garnered praise at Brooklyn Horror Film Festival at the time of its first screening and holds at least 80 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The idea of a found footage film isn't new. The first film that fit to the found footage category is Cannibal Holocaust, released 40 years ago in 1980, the film is so disturbing and realistic that it's director was called to the court  for charges of murder and explained how they achieved the special effects of the film. Found footage films like Anthrum after all give off a vibe of realism that makes it more disturbing. You can watch the trailer of the film below. Sadly, the film isn't out on Netflix yet.


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