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Friday, April 17, 2020

Cases Of Old People Recovering From COVID-19 Gave Light In The Middle Of Crisis

The novel coronavirus affected millions around the globe. News about the fatalities struck fear to people of all races. But several stories of recovery of people aged 90 above who are thought to be more vulnerable to the disease, give hope in the middle of the crisis.

filipino covid survivor
Image: Yahoo.Ph
One of the most notable and early case is a story of an old woman who did not only survive COVID19, she also survived the Spanish flu of 1918. The 103 year old Italian woman become a symbol of hope to Italy, the first worst hit country other than China. Ada Zanusso told in an interview that her secrets that became a key for her recovery are courage and faith. At the time of writing, cases of recovery in Italy started to increase and in a single day nearly a thousand recovered.

Philippines is also a country struggling to contain the spread of the virus. Fatalities far outweigh the number of recoveries but one case of recovery shed a ray of hope to many Filipinos. The recovery of Lolo Cresencio, a 95 year old man from Mandaluyong City gained a lot of media attention and is seen as a symbol of hope for more recoveries.

old filipino survivor
Image: CNN Philippines
The oldest people who recovered in Britain are both people in the medical field in their younger years. Jack Bowden, a 98 year old retired pharmacist and Joy Basil, a 94 year old nurse. Their recoveries boosted the morale of British citizens fighting the disease.

For a quarter of a year, the whole world suffered from this new disease. At the time of writing, the cases around the globe exceeded the one million mark. It is true that old people are more vulnerable to the disease, it is also important to note that the recovered centenarians may have practiced healthy living throughout their life. By this time, people will evaluate their lifestyle choices and realize the relevance of healthy living.


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