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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Is It Right To Believe That 2020 Is The Worst Year Of Our Lifetime?

We welcomed the new decade with high optimism, but merely weeks after we reached 2020, a war nearly broke out after an Iranian general was killed by an attack. From that day on, a string of unfortunate events rocked the globe.

Is It Right To Believe That 2020 Is The Worst Year Of Our Lifetime?
Image: The Slate

The spread of COVID-19 throughout the globe, the locust swarms in Africa, the radiation spikes in Chernobyl are some of the events that made us ask ourselves, is it the worst year ever?

It is said that the present health crisis is the worst challenge of humanity since the Second World War. Unlike other pandemics of recent memory, such as 2003 SARS and the H1N1, the COVID-19 is by far more contagious. Much worse is that asymptomatic people drive the infection and even the virus can survive for hours and days on the surface. In the time of writing, the United States of America is the center of the global pandemic, with a thousand fatalities each day.

locust plague, locust swarm
Image: Science Insider
The global COVID-19 pandemic is not the only crisis that affects millions of people. The desert locust infestation that started on Yemen and other parts of Middle East reached East Africa.

It is the worst infestation ever, driven by unnatural weather patterns during the 2019 Indian Ocean typhoon season, heavy rains hit the Empty Quarter, and from there billions of desert locusts bred uncontrollably and unleashed terror. Swarms of desert locust crossed the Red Sea and managed to reach East Africa.

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 Chernobyl Power Plant
Image: Independent
Earlier this April, a fire broke out around the abandoned Chernobyl Power Plant in Ukraine. The fire that razed through 20 hectares of forest area gave a lot of trouble to firefighters. The fire started early in April and in the time of writing, firefighters still struggle to hold the fire off from the plant. The forest fire resulted in a sudden spike of radiation around the region.

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The global economy is also in shambles as many countries struggle to contain the spread of the virus. Once the threat of the COVID-19 and other crisis along with it dissipate. We have to deal with the economic recession and even the food crisis as the global supply chain was disrupted.

All of these events happened in just a quarter of a year. To answer the question: Is it the worst year of our lifetime? We cannot answer yet. Things might improve or get worse(we hope not!). These events might be a wake-up call for everyone, not just for the governments of countries severely affected but also for common citizens just like you. All we have to do is to, do our part to stop the spread of the virus, stay home, criticize what you see is wrong(be a concerned citizen) or do something to help the frontliners and other people in need.


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