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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

PS5 Vs. Xbox Series X: Which Console Should You Buy This Year?

This year saw a resurgence of console gaming since most people stay in their homes amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Games such as Final Fantasy VIIR, Resident Evil 3, Cyberpunk 2077 are some of the most highly anticipated titles.

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This year also marks the launch of the new generation of consoles spearheaded by Xbox Series X and PS5. Specs of both consoles are shown to the public, and both of the systems can go toe to toe with high end gaming PCs in terms of power.

It seems that Microsoft flexed their muscles this time because of the lukewarm reception of the Xbox One from the past generation. Their mistakes such as mandatory online play, limited console exclusives and the inclusion of the Kinect in the earlier years of the Xbox One release opted many gamers to buy the PlayStation 4 instead. The raw power of the Xbox Series X was already demonstrated, as seen in many videos, gamers can switch from one game into another with limited loading times. It looks more like a PC compared to a traditional console with its rectangular design.

PlayStation 1,  PS5
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The PS5 was rumored to be backwards compatible with titles from the past console generation even all the way to the PlayStation 1. But these rumors were quashed by the announcement that PS5 will only be backwards compatible with the majority of PS4 games. This statement disappointed gamers who want to relieve their beloved old school games on a new system. At the time of writing, the official console design of PS5 was not released yet, however its controller named DualSense was already seen by the gaming public.

PS5, Xbox Series X
Image: Linus Tech
Which console should you buy this year? That depends on your gaming preference! If you are a big fan of PlayStation exclusives and franchises, you can buy a PS5 in launch. But if you are a gamer who wants to experience the most optimum level of hardware performance, faster loading times, switch in between games in a speed previously thought impossible, then the Xbox Series X is for you.

Trailers of the games or exclusives are already released earlier this year. Titles like Hellblade II and Godfall showed cutting edge visuals that exhibit how games can reach near lifelike graphics this generation. Both consoles are slated for Holiday 2020 release, but the recent health crisis might push the date all the way to Q1 2021.


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