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Friday, April 17, 2020

The Effect Of Worldwide Lockdowns To The Enviroment

The recent lockdowns opted people around the globe to stay at home. These pre-emptive steps conducted by several governments led to the closure of non essential establishments resulting to almost nonexistent traffic seen in many cities. Since there are only a few vehicles that spread fumes, level of air pollution in metropolitan areas continue to plummet.

clean air covid
Image: MSN
The lack of traffic and people roaming the streets also enticed wildlife to roam freely. It was witnessed in many European cities on the lock-down. The surreal views of nature reclaiming former territories occupied by man will be talked about even in the coming years.

Not only did we see the improvement of air quality and more wildlife repopulating, bodies of water were also seen to become clearer and less polluted. For example, fishes from Venice Canal can be seen through the clearer waters. Even the waters of Manila Bay turned turquoise earlier this month(caused by algal bloom)

manila bay
Image: The Summit Express
A few questions arise from these improvements: Will these improved conditions of the environment last for a long time? Will the air quality remain clearer in the next months? What most people fear is the transition of every industrial activity back to normal once the vaccine is ready. The clearer skylines we have seen in the past days will be engulfed again in smog and hue of the waters will darken again.

Less pollution leads to better views of cityscapes. Netizens even start to poke fun of clearer environments and make memes of city skylines with structures from popular movies. TV shows or video games. For more views of how the environment improved in many places across the globe, watch the video below.


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