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Friday, April 17, 2020

Video Game Sales Reach New Heights Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Back then, most players buy a lot of video games(physical or digital copy) and have a console to play these titles, but time is just limited due to the responsibilities of work and daily living. In the light of the recent crisis, most casual gamers try to finish the games they have on their collection. According to sales projections, video game sales continue to surge because of worldwide lockdowns brought by COVID19 pandemic.

video game console
Image: WV Broadcasting
So many games, not enough time, but not anymore. Gamers can now enjoy their old games in their collection along with the new releases such as Final Fantasy VII Remake, Resident Evil 3, and Animal Crossing. Some gamers also tried to search and clear their basements or attics to look for their old consoles and check if the consoles are still working.

The lockdown also increased the productivity of game streamers and more content are uploaded in platforms such as Twitch and YouTube according to Verizon. Game streamers can help people who struggle in a certain part of game. They offer strategies and commentaries to several challenging sections of what they are playing.

video game developer
Image: HR Asia
Things are not always bright in the video game industry. Future games in development might be delayed because developers and programmers work from home have key data transfers and collaboration became limited compared to the usual collaborative set up in game development. For example, the release of Cyberpunk 2077 was pushed for a QIII release rather than the original release date. The release of new generation of consoles such as Xbox Series X and PS5 might be delayed if the situation will not improve in North America.

Nintendo switch
Image Credit: Softonic
There is also a shortage of consoles like the Nintendo Switch due to the high demand. This benefited the secondary market of shops that managed to buy on bulk during the holiday season before the shortage. The full capability of Switch is demonstrated in the living room setting because it can be plugged or docked in an HD television. The most popular game for Switch goes to Animal Crossing with millions of players enjoying its inventive game play.

The increased demand for games have a serious downside, some gamers in the work-from-home setting may affect their productivity as they play games. Gaming sessions after all can last for more than  4 hours. It can affect the quality of sleep too. The key is self control and time management. In the time of the pandemic let's stay safe



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