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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Principles of Reiki Book Review

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be able to channel your spiritual energy into something powerful? Or are you one of the many whose childhood revolved on thinking how you can be a ninja with vast chakra reserves like Naruto? It turns out, harnessing spiritual energy is actually possible albeit not for the purposes of defending a town like Konoha, the Leaf Village.

Thorson’s Principles of Reiki seeks to introduce the concept of spiritual energy healing also known as Reiki. In real life, the use of Reiki is akin to the activities of Sakura as a medical ninja. Reiki is an ancient healing system originating in Japan. The system utilizes hands-on treatment and remote healing particularly on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual concerns.

Kasja Krishni Boräng, the author of the book, shares her experiences on being initiated as a Reiki practitioner and eventually as a Reiki Master. The book further delves on the on the nature and history of Reiki as well as how it is taught and practiced.

Marketed as the only introduction book on Reiki you would ever need, Thorson’s Principles of Reiki does not disappoint. The book provides a comprehensive view of what Reiki is and how it can be applied in everyday life. Readers encountering the principle for the first time will find the author’s anecdotes and beliefs truly informative and refreshing. The book gives a fresh view on ancient healing systems which makes one wonder how these systems can be utilized in the modern day.

While the book can be as comprehensive and informative as it gets, one seeking to be learned in the way of Reiki or expecting to be a Reiki practitioner himself will be disappointed. As the author provides early on, Reiki is an oral tradition. That being said, one cannot really learn Reiki through written medium like a book. As such, the book talks more about the experiences of the author describing what happens in Reiki sessions and workshops, what to expect when undergoing Reiki treatment, and testimonials of Reiki patients, among others.

Reading this book is definitely worthwhile as it exposes you in a world you never knew existed. There are times when you will find asking yourself if the testimonies found in the book are actually true. This is a normal reaction especially since Reiki is spiritual in nature and while it is used for healing people, this kind of healing is certainly foreign to our minds, eyes, and ears who grew up being exposed to scientific medical procedures when administering healthcare.

Nevertheless, considering that Reiki is spiritual in nature, it takes a little faith to appreciate and fully immerse one’s self with the contents of the book. Indeed, Thorson’s Principles of Reiki is the only introduction book you will ever need especially as its contents are just enough to whet your appetite on learning more of this ancient spiritual healing system. Any Naruto fan reading the book will surely appreciate the often looked-upon medic ninjas more. Who knows, you might even be interested to actually learn Reiki firsthand from a Reiki master.


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