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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The 12 Rules For Life Book Review

Jordan Peterson is a very controversial figure because of his more blatant approach in presenting his ideas. He is very critical of liberal beliefs and has spoken against ideas he considered being backward or even downright evil. His book 12 Rules For Life is a part self-help book and even philosophical treatise.

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The Background of The Author:

Jordan Peterson is a Canadian psychologist and also an Internet icon because of his comments regarding liberal thought, including feminism. Even the LGBT community was offended of his several comments about same-sex marriage. His first book is the Maps of Meaning released in 1999 he has since then went to a writing hiatus and released The 12 Rules For Life. The book was originally published on January 23, 2018, and like a rockstar, Jordan Peterson organized gatherings and events to explain the major arguments of the book, the eponymous Rules For Life.

 What's in The Book:

The length of the book is average, there are only 388 pages and we can finish reading in a day in one sitting. 12 Rules for Life got a little subtitle; An Antidote to Chaos. This Antidote to Chaos comes with the dosage of

The psychologist and internet celebrity with contentious views on gender, political correctness, good and evil, offers hectoring advice on how to live 12 rules or chapters. The first half of the rules are all about introspection and self-awareness, the second half of the book deals with how to become more aware of systems of beliefs and avoid mind-blindness.

The arguments presented in the book will always be controversial. Jordan Peterson's antagonism against postmodernists and feminists is seen in many of its chapters especially on the last chapters of the book. His statements and arguments against postmodernists are more clear in the 8th chapter titled: Tell the truth-or at least don't lie. The same antagonistic approach against leftist beliefs was seen again in Chapter 10: Be Precise in Your Speech.

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IFY Book Reviews have a comprehensive rating system. Let's rate 12 Rules For Life on the classic scale of 1 to 10. Nonfiction books were rated differently compared to fiction books.

The Content: 8/10

Reading 12 Rules for Life is a strange experience, Mr. Jordan Peterson digresses in other details not related to its arguments. Mr. Peterson's approach to writing made this book similar to Dale Carnegie's How To Win Friends and Influence People. As the title implies, Mr. Peterson presented 12 Rules everyone must follow. He does not act like Moses in proselytizing readers about his 12 Rules, he merely stated his ideas as a psychologist.

The Rereading Value: 8/10

Mr. Peterson's no holds barred approach in writing gained many criticisms among people in the left political spectrum. But this tongue-in-cheek approach also made him effective in presenting ideas. There is even an essay to explain his most popular quote; Clean your room. Many other essays and arguments made the book a must-have and must-read for every young adult lost in the realities of life.

Rating of the Book Compared To Other Books Also Written by Jordan Peterson: 8/10 

Jordan Peterson has a diminutive bibliography. He went into a nearly 2-decade long writing hiatus since 1999 when he first released Maps of Meaning. His lectures and debates were documented several times and uploaded to YouTube. His lectures often have citations from his 12 Rules for Life, a way to promote his book as well. His two books are exceptional in approach; Maps of Meaning is written like a pop-science or psychology book while 12 Rules for Life is written like a self-help book.

Related or Similar Books: As A Man Thinketh by James Allen, How to Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie, Atomic Habits by James Clear

The 12 Rules For Life is one of the best books written in the time being. The influence of Dr. Peterson might be divided among many people according to their belief systems but his arguments also makes sense when you read through it. You can watch a lecture by Dr. Peterson regarding the ideas presented in the book below. 


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