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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Think and Grow Rich Book Review

Do you believe in the power of the mind? It is almost impossible to find a financially literate individual who has never read the life-changing book of Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich. Napoleon Hill espouses the belief that every one of us can achieve anything if only we set our minds to it. The idea may sound absurd at first but once you get through reading the book, you will realize the untapped potential of your mind and how thinking can actually lead you to unlimited wealth and riches.

Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich
Image: The Journey

Think and Grow Rich is a highly acclaimed self-help and entrepreneurial book which promotes and cultivates financial literacy and awareness to its readers. Individuals first seeking to put themselves in a better financial condition will always find themselves looking straight at the cover of Napoleon Hill’s masterpiece.

In a sense, Think and Grow Rich is Napoleon Hill’s thesis on how to ensure success in everything that you do whether the same be for the pursuit of riches or something else including lifelong happiness. Originally published in 1937, Think and Grow Rich continues to change the lives of people particularly impacting one’s outlook and perspective on things.

What makes the book stand out from the plethora of self-help and entrepreneurial books out there is Napoleon hill’s candidness in presenting his ideas, observations, and experiences. Napoleon Hill is not afraid to call out all the habits, thinking, and traits that hinder individuals from reaching success in their dealings. There may be times that you may find yourself being attacked by his words especially as you may not notice yourself the negatives and downsides on your person. Be not disheartened and take the opportunity to assess yourself as a blessing instead. Indeed, one must first know himself so that he may know what path and practices will work best on him in achieving his goals. Self-awareness is key.

Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill
Image: Great Performers Academy
Napoleon Hill selflessly shares the secrets of achieving success through Think and Grow Rich. The book contains all the steps, guides, and blueprints on how you can prepare yourself for success and how you can actually get there. With self-help books, it is easy to find yourself being overwhelmed by various concepts and philosophies thrown at you at once. This is not the case with Think and Grow Rich. Napoleon Hill sees to it that readers of his book will have time to digest the nuggets of knowledge he shares by a skillfully alternating exposition of ideas with true-to-life examples and application of concepts. The book is not too fast-paced nor is it too slow. Without a doubt, readers of all ages and backgrounds will appreciate how the masterpiece is carefully crafted.

As with everything, one must first be open and willing to hear and learn the ideas, concepts, and philosophies of others before making an assessment of whether these ideals are compatible with his own beliefs. The secrets of the wealthy and the successful have been unraveled and it is up to the readers whether to apply them or let them pass by.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”


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