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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The Pink Sister Convent: The Urban Legend Behind The Baguio Breakup Curse

Last year, there are rumors or warnings for couples about going to Baguio. Some people claim that unmarried couples who went for a trip to Baguio eventually break up. This rumor perpetuated for months and led to the catchphrase; Don't bring your jowa(partner) to Baguio.

Baguio City Break Up Curse, Pink Sister Convent
Image: Baguio City Guide
Baguio is dubbed as the Summer Capital of the Philippines. Most Filipinos would love to go for a trip to Baguio City because of its relatively cold weather compared to the scorching temperatures of the rest of the Philippine islands especially during the dry season or from March to May (the Philippines being a tropical country only have 2 seasons, wet and dry, so the term Summer Capital of the Philippines is not 100% accurate). At the time of writing, Baguio City was less bustling compared to the previous years due to community quarantines brought by the pandemic.

Aside from being called the Summer Capital of the Philippines, it is also called the City of Pines. Couples will surely love to spend a day or two in a place like Baguio. There are several historical landmarks found in this city where lovers can also visit or have time together. Spots like the Burnham Park, Mines View Park, Camp John Hay, the Strawberry Farms and many other parks and gardens. 

Baguio City Break Up Curse, Pink Sister Convent
Image: Pilipinas Popcorn
The urban legend about the break-up curse seems new to many netizens. It turned out that there is a circulating rumor from years ago about a specific place named The Pink Sister's Convent found in Baguio.

So the urban legend goes like this:

Long time ago, probably during the American occupation, there was a tryst between a nun and a young priest, the two fell in love with each other but their relationship is forbidden and the young priest eventually left the convent and his priesthood. This event left the nun in a depressed state and committed suicide and even left a curse for lovers who will visit the Pink Sister Covent. The curse is said to be powerful enough to ruin a relationship. Even the locals advise couples to not go inside the convent together.

Aside from Baguio, the other city in the ASEAN region is said to be also cursed for lovers. It is the Bali City in Indonesia. Both cities also have the first and last letters in their names and also have an urban legend about lovers. In this case, it is the Brahmin Prince and Princess who went into the island and eventually break up after the Prince refused to marry the Princess and married another woman. Left in the island, the Brahmin Princess left a curse, it is called the Tanah Lot Curse.

To answer the question, Did Filipino couples really break up after going to Baguio? The answer is no, correlation does not mean causation. What about those who grew up to that place and decide to have a long-lasting relationship and get married there at the alleged cursed city for lovers? Did they break up? It is just an urban legend that went out of control.

Break-ups can take an emotional toll for both sides, you can watch the informative video below by Dan Bacon about How to Stop A Break-Up.

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