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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Brand New Books Available Now At IFY Bookstore And Hobbies

IFY Bookstore and Hobbies, one of the largest online bookstores in the Philippines is now selling brand new books. Brand new books local and international books are now available. IFY Bookstore has a store located at Republic Avenue Quezon City. We are also giving away freebies on bulk purchase.

Brand new books philippines

One of those bookstores is the IFY Bookstore, A Star Brand Awardee for the Best Priced Online Bookstore by Philippine Social Media Examiner. With the price of books ranging from P45 up to P295, the bookstore deserved the award. The store is now selling brand new books lower than the market price.

Readers often give themselves the challenge to read a certain number of books in a year. The most famous would be the GoodReads challenge. The average number of books that a person can finish in a year would be around 10 to 20. But readers who are up to this challenge exceed the 50 books' mark.

IFY Bookstore also offers email newsletters for book recommendations straight in your email. A Facebook group where a community of readers can gather is exclusive for customers. There are grand plans of the bookstore, such as information drives and giving back to the community(outreach activities). A YouTube Channel was also set up for future content such as vlogs, unboxing, and reviews.

brand new books online

The bookstore was located at the end of Republic Avenue Brgy Holy Spirit Quezon City. There are about a thousand of books for sale, the selection is also so vast that it encompasses classics, contemporary fiction, academics, genre fiction books(science fiction, fantasy, horror, crime thrillers). Due to the recent lockdowns in Metro Manila, a proposed launch party never came to fruition. The location is accessible and near Robinson Townsville a small shopping mall in Quezon City.

The bookstore also got official social media partners such as Trivia Minute, iFact, TGT Training Services each cater to a specific area in the field of academics. From time to time, the bookstore may install a booth on bazaars in universities around Metro Manila. Subscribe to our newsletter for book reviews directly in your email.



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