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Friday, June 26, 2020

Mythology 75th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Review

Many readers are eager to get their hands on Edith Hamilton's Mythology 75th Anniversary edition. This edition released back on September 26, 2017, is still worth buying and deserves a spot on your beloved personal library. Let us review the contents of Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes, 75th Anniversary Illustrated Edition Deluxe.

Mythology 75th Edition, Edith Hamilton
Image: CLS Tech
Thanks to the popularity of Percy Jackson and other books by Rick Riordan, young adult readers were introduced to Edith Hamilton's Mythology. Most of them prefer the 75th Anniversary Deluxe Edition compared to the trade paperback and mass-market paperback copies. School and public libraries should also consider getting the book to replace the aging editions from years ago.

To begin the retrospect, let's look back at the background of the author. Edith Hamilton was formerly an educator who taught in a preparatory school for girls. She held a top position until she retired from teaching to focus on her writing career.

She wrote several works on Greek, Roman, and Abrahamic religions before finishing Mythology. Mythology was first published in 1942, a year when the Second World War is escalating and many young Americans are being drafted for the war in the Pacific and European fronts. The war imposed a limit to the readership of the book when it was first released, but in the next decades, Mythology became widely read from middle school up to the universities since it is required reading for world literature classes.

Unlike her earlier works which focused more on Greek and Roman Mythology, Edith Hamilton included Norse Myths in this compilation. Tales from Valhalla, are located before the end of the 7 chapter book. The compilation is also filled with annotations and research notes so that readers will get to know other writers, poets, and composers who used mythology as a canvas for their masterworks. Edith Hamilton's other works on mythology are still revered to this day.

Mythology 75th Anniversary Edition, Edith Hamilton
Image: Hachette Australia
Going back to the 75th Anniversary Edition, what is eye-catching about this book is the art d├ęco inspired illustrations by Jim Tierney, he is also popular for his book covers for popular science fiction and fantasy novels like Dune. His art style is a departure from the woodcut-style illustrations that usually we inside short story compilations. His glorious full page art of the Greek gods, heroes, demigods, and monsters perfectly combines simplicity and complexity. His illustrations truly define what the book is really about.

The deluxe edition is bound in a durable hardcover. Readers who have bought the book when it was first released noted the quality of the paper is not prone to tanning and/or foxing. Although not gilded in gold, the book has its deluxe feel and, if taken care of, will remain in very good condition in the next years ahead. Overall, the book is a must-have, we will give this book a 10/10 for its overall appeal to people who want to study Mythology and enjoy the timeless tales of heroes, gods, and monsters.  You can watch the video below to see the contents of the book and its illustrations.


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