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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Studies Confirm That Adults Who Did Household Chores As Kids Are More Successful

In the past months, children spend more time with their parents because of the quarantine measures. It is a crucial time for children to learn how to perform household chores with the guidance of their parents. Experts have proven in a multi-decade extensive study that children who can do household chores are more successful later in life.

kids chores
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The Harvard study that took a three-fourths of a century proved that kids who grew up helping the household develop crucial skills that can enable them to become high functioning adults. This groundbreaking study has a crucial implication on how household chores can shape young people and how it teaches responsibility and independence.

Collaboration skills were improved if siblings would decide to split their tasks into manageable chores. Time management is also introduced to kids at a young age whenever a task was given to them and unconsciously decide the right way or time to finish the errands. All these crucial skills are key to success in the corporate world.

Julie Lythcott-Haims, a former dean of the prestigious Stanford University believe that household chores introduce an individual to the concept of responsibility or being in charge of a task at hand. Having responsibilities can also shape a person's leadership skills.

According to anthropologists, doing household chores can be traced on our survival instinct and management of limited resources in a nomadic tribe. Hunter-gatherers gave the first household to their children by providing small tools, stone tools they can use in hunting. Archeological sites proved that small stone tools are quite small and can only be held by children. 

Going back to the present, with the rise of gadget use among children such as smartphones and tablets, the attention span of children and willingness to perform household chores are reduced since they would rather enjoy watching a funny YouTube video, play an Android game rather than clean up their surroundings or helping their parents. This problem should be addressed by parents by limiting the use of gadgets and setting the time only when the task is finished or when the school work is all done.

kids household chores
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There is also a disturbing implication of gadget overuse. In the noughties or 2000s, mobile phones are rapidly evolving so do the handheld consoles such as Gameboy Advance,  PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS, and early iterations of smartphones. These gadgets came into the hands of millennials when they are younger, especially those in the well-off families(rich kids!). Constant use of these gadgets made it possible for young adults at this time period to develop limited skills in doing household chores.

The limited knowledge in performing chores as kids can be linked to more psychological distress as adults. Household chores are in fact the rite of passage in developing key skills as adults. The recent buzzword 'adulting' is strange since people from the previous generation had no trouble transitioning to adulthood or independent living.

These findings can also prove the importance of home economics classes, an often overlooked subject. It turned out that teaching household chores even in the school environment can aid kids to become more productive in their households.


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