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Monday, July 6, 2020

Philippine Urban Legend: The Tsinelas Cult

Most Filipino kids, particularly during the 90s, are used to hearing their mothers, sisters, or guardians not to leave their footwear outside the house especially in the nighttime. While the order may be for practical purposes of avoiding theft or loss of things left outside and such other reasons as keeping the housed clean and tidy, it cannot be denied that this practice is reinforced by one of the most well-known urban legends in the province of Cavite, Rizal, and other neighboring provinces in the Philippines.

Tsinelas Cult, Pinoy Urban Legend
Image: Alam Niyo Ba Ito?

For someone hearing this urban legend for the first time, it may seem that the practice of never leaving your footwear outside the house may be typical, mundane, and even harmless. Those who know the story behind the same, however, will definitely think twice before absent-mindedly and casually leaving their stuff outside. But just what exactly makes this practice and story so disturbing and discomforting to a typical young man?

According to the tales widely spread in Cavite, there exists a vicious cult in the area roaming the streets at night and if any one of the members of the cult sees flip-flops, slippers or any other footwear outside the premises, whether a pair or not, the cult will proceed put a curse on the footwear by chanting an enigmatic spell. This spell will then induce the owner of the footwear to be hypnotized and to readily follow the cult’s commands, including going outside the house. As soon as the owner steps out, the cult will strike and kill the owner with bolos or knives.

Tsinelas Cult, Pinoy Urban Legend
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Another version of the legend says that the cult members will take the footwear left outside and eventually beheading the unfortunate souls. In yet another version, the creeps are said to follow their unfortunate victims while quietly singing some strange songs, leading them to their damned fate. Rumors say that the cult members are satanists who are always looking for susceptible victims to offer as sacrifice to an unknown entity.

This urban legend has instilled and fueled fears in the hearts of the susceptible believers especially with respect to leaving their footwears outside their houses. Some communities even imposed strict regulations barring residents from leaving personal belongings outside such as slippers, shoes, and umbrellas, among others. Children and minors who may have heard of this rumor become paranoid with fear of leaving their flip-flops outside the house after playing and going outside on the roadway in the late afternoon.

Tsinelas Cult, Pinoy Urban Legend
Image: Pop Sugar
Whether or not that this urban legend is accurate remains to be seen. For all we know, this story could have originated from frustrated parents who only wanted their children to be more neat and tidier with their personal belongings after a day’s worth of play. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that the stories are enough to make anyone, a child or not, to be more cautious and vigilant with how he handles his belongings. After all, true or not, it is still better to be safe than be sorry.


Written by Mic Villamayor, IFY Books

At 27, Mic is staying young and keeping it real. A Mass Communication degree holder from the University of the Philippines, a graduate of San Beda College of Law, and a newly-minted lawyer, she aspires to work with her dad in their law office one day. In her daydreams, she always finds herself traveling the world and frolicking out in the sun. But reality comes up to her and she finds herself reading and writing for her future.

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