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Sunday, July 5, 2020

The Secrets of Invisible Biringan City

Biringan City or in English, The Lost City, came from the native language of Waray that means 'Hanapan ng Nawawala'. The locals believed that people who were lost are said to be found in Biringan City. It is a city that matches, or even surpasses, the beauty and prosperity of a first-world country. Brilliant neon colors of city lights, colossal modern skyscrapers, denizens with a different level of beauty exceeding mortals are said to be seen in the city.

Biringan City, Mythical City
Image Credit: CNN/Alan Marshall
But not everyone can see and experience the magical city of Biringan. Only those who are invited are free to wander. But once you enter, you must not eat black rice to avoid being locked up forever in the city. The most definite sign to identify a native of Biringan City is the absence of a philtrum, the sign of humanity. Biringan City is also inhabited by enchanted beings that possess magical powers and have abilities to shape-shift or travel instantaneously.

According to the locals, Biringan City is said to be hidden in between, Gandara, Pagsanghan, and Tarangnan in Samar province, Philippines. To reach the city, the traveler must walk past a long forest. You need to make sure to walk lightly as you can to avoid interrupting the rest of the enchanted beings residing in the forest. It is extremely forbidden to point your fingers in any direction of the forest. The KMJS team reached their destination but never see the said Lost City of Biringan.

Biringan City, Mythical City
Image: Esquire Mag
Deliveries of letters and expensive parcels that are addressed in Biringan City remains unsolved. Some parcels are paid in full, but since the address was not found the deliveries were brought back to the manufacturers. Some said that the senders and customers mistakenly misspelled the address and is meaning to write Borongan City. Borongan City is the capital city of eastern Samar. But KMJS team was not able to find proof that the parcels are ordered by a Borongan resident.

Other residents believed that the story of Biringan City is a myth. Others believed that people who visited the City is under a demon's spell. Some believed that the vision of the city is a pure hallucination. But what makes the story believed by many is the consistency and the similarities of the description said by the people who are invited. True or not, Biringan City will remain a beautiful and mysterious story the Philippines ever told.


Biringan City
Image: ShiftedReality
Everything is changing while the world matures. Minimal, moderate, to extreme progress in countries occur. Among these changes, science's innovations, inventions and discoveries create a huge leap of knowledge. Lots of unexplainable things got their explanations, many of the problems were solved, and countless mysteries were uncovered. But science doesn't have it all. As long as the Samar descents continue to pass a forbidden yet mystical story of the existence of an invisible city, the legend will remain.

Biringan City will forever be etched on our collective imagination as Filipinos.
Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, a Philippine television news magazine show, arranged an expedition to unravel the mystery hiding in the Samar Province. Their research team were assigned tasks that may gather proof and information that may complete the puzzle pieces. Their necessities were packed for their upcoming search of the Biringan City. Here are what they discovered, watch the video below.


Written by Yna Marie Barcia, IFY Books

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