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Sunday, August 30, 2020

An Open Letter To All Students Studying Under The New Normal Of Education

Dear, Fellow Student,

I know your struggle, you are just like me, a learner, and a very eager one. The current situation left us out of touch with our fellow classmates, I miss them just like you. The laughter, the group works, the way we sneak to copy the answers of the smarter ones, the deadlines, all of this stuff is what we will miss for months to come. When will this end?

Online Learning, Education
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The laughter that we had been replaced by our awkward stares in ever-rotating chat heads/displays. There are group works in online classes but it can't replace the joy that we have on who should lead or follow, who will be assigned to bring this and do that.

Despite all of the challenges we face in this type of education or distance learning, we should still be firm with our spirit in learning. This current situation might be temporary but we should face it with dedication. In fact, the collective knowledge of man is just a few clicks away on the Internet. We should learn how to utilize this to its full extent.

This crisis made us realize that we should value knowledge. We should also learn how to question everything we read on the Internet. It is an age of unprecedented freedom and access to information fake news is all around we should learn to think more critically and see all angles of a story before sharing it.

We should also learn how to manage our time effectively. Reducing time on binge-watching on Netflix and cutting down gaming hours on Steam is a must. Learning should be first more than anything else.

Online Learning, Education
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Distance learning is new to all of us, it is a great alternative but we can't help but think, what if, all of this did not happen? Everything is just all normal, we try to wake ourselves up to school, cram housework that we are supposed to do the night before, guess what is for lunch, and look forward to new lessons with classmates or block mates, together. Think of the memories we could have together with our dear friends.

It is harder now than before, Your parent might have lost the means of income, opting to sell stuff in the Internet. You just like me might help in cooking, arranging orders, taking pictures of things we can sell to make ends meet. Back then, we use the Internet to escape reality, now we use the Internet to face reality. I wish the memes that our eyes can come across will help us forget some of these struggles and chuckle a little bit. This experience should be enough for some of you to study harder and be a better student.

We should study harder this time. Online learning has its challenges, but we should learn to face it. Little by little our current situation might improve due to recent developments in medicine such as the vaccines announced at the time of writing. Let us acquire new skills so that when everything reverts back the way it used to, we will face a brighter and better tomorrow. 

A Lifelong Learner Just Like You


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