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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Scariest Haunted Videos Ever Aired On Philippine TV

Halloween specials and horror-themed shows in the local Philippine T.V gave us vivid memories about cheap thrills and even sleepless nights. Classic horror-themed MGB or Magandang Gabi Bayan episodes on dark Saturday Nights terrified most Filipinos despite the dated graphics and reenactments. The more terrifying thought is that some of these featured videos are said to be authentic and captured spirits and from the other side. Are these videos real or edited? Did they really capture lost souls? Let us find out in a list of the scariest haunted videos featured on several shows or segments in different Philippine free T.V stations.

Haunted Videos, Philippines, Magandang Gabi Bayan, Ghost
Image: Jeepney TV

Ghost of Grandmother on Camera

This entry is the most recent one, the magazine TV show Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho is so popular for their horror-themed segments. This particular segment showed a cellphone video of a boy and his deceased grandmother. What is unsettling about this video is that the grandmother already died months ago when the boy recorded a front camera video of them together.

What made the 15-minute segment, more terrifying is the background of the story of the death of the grandmother. The reenactment involves witchcraft, and the factors that led to the death of the grandmother that was caught on camera. The widespread use of smartphones made it possible to capture clearer videos and images that in rare cases can record something from the other side.

The Poltergeist In An Outpost? 

Poltergeists are different from normal ghosts because they can cause the movement of objects and/or create disturbing noises. There are lots of these CCTV videos aired in Philippine TV but none made such significant impact like this video first aired a week before Halloween 2015. The nightly duty of a 'barangay tanod' on duty at Brgy. 547 Manila Philippines was terrifying to say at least. Imagine being on duty, snooping on CCTV camera feeds that span the whole community only to be disrupted by a sudden movement of a Monoblock chair.

Thanks to the release of films like the Paranormal Activity, the general public had a knack for these type of haunted videos. The widespread use of close circuit television camera even on households is a factor why similar haunted videos of supposed poltergeists were spread in social media. Some of these videos were even considered for T.V broadcast like the video on the outpost.

The Running Shadow Person 

In 2004, the video of a ghostly, shadowless figure running in front of children exercising at San Francisco, BiƱan, Laguna. This terrifying video a rare case of a shadow person caught on tape. The sightings shadow people are often documented in Western countries. In the Philippines this footage that was featured on Magandang Gabi Bayan(a now-defunct TV show since 2004).

The video was analyzed by photographers and video editors and said that the footage was free from editing and no green screens were used to add the effect of the ghostly figure. The weird thing is, the running shadow person is literally a shadow of its own and did not have any shadow on the ground where the figure ran over. The children on the time of the recording also said they didn't see anyone with them at the time when they are exercising or preparing for the event. The place where the video is taken is said to be haunted and a place where some restless souls reside.

Magandang Gabi Bayan(MGB) is well known for its reenactments of popular urban legends and ghost stories that sent chills to many Filipinos. The video of the running ghostly figure is the swan song of the TV show on its final year since the host was then elected as the Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines.

Haunted Videos, Philippines, Magandang Gabi Bayan, Ghost
Image: Lucis Philippines
These videos and photos scared lots of Filipinos from the first time of their airing up to the subsequent uploads on YouTube and on Facebook. The most terrifying of all since the videos would be the Running Girl caught on camera since it is the oldest video in our entry and definitely one of the least likely to be edited.

These videos were captured in 3 different ways, the first one is through a smartphone, the second one is a CCTV footage and the last one is a traditional video camera that uses tapes. Among these three the less likely and hardest to be edited it the home video camera. Legitimate or edited, these videos have etched on the collective memory of Filipinos.

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