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Sunday, October 18, 2020

Cursed Books You Should Avoid Reading

We all know that books are exciting and stimulating to read. Some books are even used as reference of directors and producers to give life to its characters, making these literary characters more well-known around the world. Popular genres of books include romance comedy, and historical fiction which are sure to catch the attention of both the book readers and movie viewers alike.  

Cursed, Books
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Just the same, there exists some books which have hidden stories that can bring out your fears and, at the same time, pique your curiosity. These books are believed to be cursed and haunted thought to drive you crazy and bring misfortune and bad luck in your life. In fact, some of these books are considered forbidden and are not made available for public consumption. 

To give you a peek of the mysteries of the unknown, here are five books believed to be cursed that you should avoid reading. But if you are one of the bravest daredevils out there, you are warned to read them at your own risk.

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The Grand Grimoire 

This first cursed book is also known as the “Gospel of Satan.” This book was written by a man who was believed to be possessed by an evil spirit way back in the 16th century. In fact, this book might be considered as the most dangerous sorcery book existing in the mortal world. 

Presumably, this book contains dark spells and instructions which can be used in summoning a powerful demon and to awaken the dead’s spirit. The belief was that by merely showing off the grand grimoire, you already expose yourself to a dreadful consequence, and that reading this book is akin to offering your soul to the devil.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), this cursed book is not available for purchase in any store. This cursed book’s original text is locked and kept somewhere in the Vatican’s secret archives and away from the prying eyes of the public. 

The Untitled Grimoires

In the year of 2013, this cursed book was made available online and was sold at about $14,000. It consists of a handwritten text with sets of two books held together with a spiral wire. This cursed book contains spells, incantations, enchantments, and an actual summoning incantation of demon and spirit.

This tome is a handwritten book by a high priestess of Wicca and a leader of her witches’ gathering, named Persephone Adrastea Eirene way back 1960s. On the first page, she warned everyone not to mess with this book if they were not believers. If, however, they choose to proceed and ignore the admonition, the effects of the aftermath are prompt and an awful revenge awaits its reader.

However, the location of the buyer is unknown at the moment. We can only hope that the buyer of this cursed book is safe and made the right choice in purchasing the book.

Cursed, Book, Abramelin
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The Book of The Sacred Magic 

Not all parents have the same preferences and standards in choosing the best present for their children. Case in point is Abramelin who gave his son a book filled with visionary curses. In the year 1900, this book of the sacred magic was translated into English, and was then believed to build-up the vitality of a cursed entity.

There are various public presumptions that the author of this book believes that all individuals have their own exceptional demons inside. Upon finishing the book, readers will be able comprehend the ceremonies to re-ignite their very own demons. 

Learning and performing this paranormal execution guiding symbols of a magic word can be done, but it has enormous negative aspects. Anyone who owns one of this book’s copies might be experiencing bad luck and haunted by the other spirit strangely in the different realm.

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The Voynich Manuscript

A number of researchers and historians already attempted to unleash and decode this manuscript’s language, but no one has yet to succeed. This is why many consider this Voynich Manuscript as one of the most mysterious books in the world.

The Voynich Manuscript consists of 240 pages written in the early 15th century with a complex reading structure and language. Some believe that aliens actually brought this tome here on Earth. According to them, decoding the book will release a powerful and haunting curse which will lead to the death of the individuals reading it. 

Orphan’s Story 

Some people are cautious when it comes to this Orphan’ Story because years before it was published, certain individuals trying to edit and fast-track its publication faced sudden tragic and mysterious deaths. Of course, there are skeptics who did not believe this and laughed out loud while completing the story. As things turn out, they, too, experienced the same tragedy. 

Despite all the warning, a Peruvian scholar named Belinda Palacios, still had the courage to proceed with the publication of this cursed book. Palacios spent two years of editing the manuscript of the novel which has been lost for 400 years in hopes of bringing it back to life. 

Cursed, Books

These books were controversial and nature and thought to hold curses that will bring misfortune, death or destruction to those who have read or in possession of these books. True or hoax, fact or fiction, these books will continue to haunt even the most provocative readers out there. 

Written by Mic Villamayor, IFY Books

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