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Friday, January 29, 2021

6 Wrong Reasons Why We Stay In A Toxic Relationship

We all have reasons why we are longing to be in a relationship. To have someone to be with and grow old with, a life companion. But how can someone stay in a relationship even if it is already a toxic one?

Life itself has a fascinating story to tell, its ups and downs, twists and turns. But what makes it more remarkable is when love comes to that story-relationship.

Based on the definition of Collins English Dictionary, a relationship is a close connection between two people, especially one involving romantic or sexual feelings.

Toxic Relationship
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A relationship requires a lot of compromise and sacrifice to stay strong. But keeping it alive is not that simple and not all people are set to do the entirety that needs to be done just to keep it blooming. For some people, it is easier to stay in a relationship for all the off-beam reasons. And endure every second of their toxic relationship.

It takes two to tango this is how a good relationship should be. Built with a strong foundation composed of trust and loyalty. If a relationship lacks these things, along with respect to one another then better leave and move forward. There is no point in delaying what is inevitable if it has been broken you can no longer fix it. If you feel that your heart is not in the right place, it is enough reason not to continue. A relationship requires a lot of effort by both partners and stay on it for the sake of it will drown you in an abyss of nowhere.

These are the six worst reasons for staying in a relationship that is not working.

Relationship Length

People choose to stay in a relationship just because they have been together for a long time, which should never be the reason for hanging in it. The length of a relationship does not always justify the worth of your relationship. If it is no longer working it doesn’t matter how long you have been together. If you have fallen out of love, it is best to knock it off instead of pushing on with no assurance of how things are going to happen. It will just take a wrong turn somewhere along the way.

Fear of Loneliness

Being afraid of living alone should never be a reason to stay in a relationship. Your longing to be with someone should not be based on your fear of aloneness. If you stayed in a relationship for this reason, you should know that it is fated to fail.

Financial Security

It is the motherhood of all wrong reasons to stay in a relationship. Many people opted to continue with a dying relationship because of financial security. If you need more money work harder and get a high-paying job to earn your own money. This should never be a reason. Do not choose this motive to stay in a failing relationship, don’t be a gold digger.

Friends Telling You to Stay Together

You are the captain of your ship. Just because your friends said that you should stay together with somebody doesn’t mean you should. You are in control of your faith and relationship, it is you who will deal with your partner every day not your friends. Don’t let this reason devastate your life moving forward.

Stability and Comfort

Both qualities are good but these should never be the reason to stay in a fading relationship. Just because it’s comfy doesn’t mean it’s going to work. Some couples enjoy the level of stability and comfort in a relationship they can no longer move further. When a relationship stretches its end, you can’t stay in it as things are stable. How about respect, love and loyalty?

Constant Apologies

Some couples tend to overuse apologies, saying sorry for all their mistakes and shortcomings. Truly that it takes courage to admit one's mistakes and say sorry and it is music to your ears. But it won’t do anything if their actions don’t change. Saying sorry can’t save a dying relationship. If it’s broken it is broken, saying sorry can’t fix it and bring back what has been long gone.

Being in a relationship takes a lot of courage and preparedness along with maturity and will. Learn to know when to quit a battle and giving up doesn’t mean you are defeated it means you are smart enough to analyse the situation.

By Kris De Vera Estrella, IFY Books

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