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Sunday, January 17, 2021

10 Mysterious Occult Books of Magic

The occult is a category of mystical beliefs and practices. Surrounding such phenomena as those involving mysticism, spirituality, and magic.

Occult books on the other hand can give you a spine-chilling feeling and make you more curious about how to initiate magical practices. These books can also be an exciting way to learn older belief systems, some of them may contain a lot of power which you probably need to leave to the more experienced people, like the scholars or magicians.

A practice known as anthropodermic bibliopegy is being practiced by J.F Penn (an award-nominated, New York Times and the USA today bestselling author of thrillers and dark fantasy). She uses human skin as bound in his books, in A Thousand Fiendship Angels, and Deviance as a skin collector reaps off the tattooed bodies of castaway Londoners.

A collection of 10 Occult Books of Magic is about to be unrevealed, be careful about what you do with them. These books may contain massive powers that some cannot handle. 

The Codex Gigas

1. The Codex Gigas

This book dates 13th century Czech Republic. It was said that this book contains all knowledge, drawing of the devil, and exorcism rituals. It was also tagged as the ‘Devil’s Bible”. In a legend, this book was created at the hands of a grievously sinned monk. The monk promised to write down all human knowledge in one night to prevent the punishment of being walled up alive. He could not finish the book, so the monk bargained with the devil- his soul for the finished book.

The Devil’s Bible holds the book of the Latin Bible and spells, incantations, images of the devil and the kingdom of heaven and exorcism prayers. There are also some missing pages of the book that merges art history and religion.

The Codex Gigas is a huge and heavy book. The book weighs 165 pounds and each of the 620 pages is almost 3 feet long. The book was thrown from a window to save it from fire and it also survived theft from Prague. 

The Book of Soyga

2. The Book of Soyga

There is only one person who knows where the Book of Soyga came from. The astronomer and advisor of Queen Elizabeth I, John Dee, also owns a copy of the book.

The occult credentials of John Dee once saw him depicted in a painting surrounded by skulls. In the early 17th century the book disappeared after Dee’s death, but in 1994 two copies appeared. The copies were in the library catalog, in the British Library and Bodleian Library in Oxford and not hidden. The Librarians entered the copies under a different name. 

Also known as ‘the book that kills’ and ‘Aldaraia,’ John Dee used means to decipher the Latin magical book. The book contains astrology, a strange mix of incantations, and demonology which no one understands. According to a scholar Jim Reeds, magical books spells backward for instance, Soyga becomes ‘Agios’ Greek word for holy.

The book means much to Dee since it features a genealogy of angels, which Dee has been trying to contact. There are indecipherable letters as well at the back of the book that even scholars get confused. According to Dee, it is only archangel Michael who could interpret the book. 

The Picatrix or Ghayat al Hikam

3. The Picatrix or Ghayat al Hikam

Picatrix origin remains hidden in mystery. Scholars think that it dates to 11th century Andalusia. The book is written in Arabic text combines science, astrology, and philosophy. It was in 1256 that the book’s Latin translation appeared.

The Picartrix is one of the most infamous occult books because of its magical recipes. For instance, if you want someone to stop you from leaving, you need to mix a man’s semen with blood and cook it with honey. Give the potion to the person you don’t want to leave and they will stay. Some odd concoctions were, mixing blood, urine, or brains with an element like opium.

The book became an important resource for magicians because it combined astrological principles and practical techniques. 

The Voynich Manuscript

4. The Voynich Manuscript

The Voynich Manuscript perhaps is the most studied among the occult books. It contains almost 250 pages written in an unfamiliar alphabet, studied by scholars for five centuries.

No one thinks that this is an occult book but its illustrations gave out a clue. The book featured naked people and some plants or astronomical charts that look like the zodiac. Some scholars think that the book was dated the late 15th or early 16th century. The scholars also believe that it is European, although it has an unidentified language which they can’t be sure with the claim. 

The Oera Linda Book

5. The Oera Linda Book

This book is perhaps the nastiest of the occult books due to its links to Nazism. The book was written in Old Frisian and claimed to contain records of events from 4 millennia including information about Atlantis. It became the favorite book of Heinrich Himmler (one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany and a leading architect of the Holocaust). However, the first people who translated it thought that it was nonsense or a hoax. 

Scholars trailed the paper stock to a German supplier and dated 1850. Yet Himmler defended the olden book. Himmler renamed it the “Nordic Bible” and embraced its contents. For him, the book legitimatized the Aryan race as the progenies of Atlantis. Based on the book, the Nordic people made many things that started in the Middle East, in Africa, or the Mediterranean.

There was a debate about the book’s authenticity that led to Ahnenerbe’s formation. They are the force that pressured academics to accept Nazi concepts. The Oera Linda Book proved that people could use the book to push a threatening agenda. 

The Grand Grimoire (The Red Dragon)

 6. The Grand Grimoire (The Red Dragon)

With the book’s name Grand Grimoire, people who will read it expect plenty of occult secrets. Which it delivers to enthusiasm. Some said that the author based the book on King Solomon’s work and many believed it was dated to the early 16th century.

In the 18th century many grimoires flooded the French market following better access to the printing press. The book reached the French colonies like Haiti, which explains why some Haitian Voodoo practitioners still use it.

The version available now was dated to the early 19th century. The book is also known as the Gospel of Satan and the Red Dragon. Its first part explains how to enslave a demon. Other rituals in the book include necromancy.

The official is keeping the original copy of the book in the secret archive at the Vatican. There are rumors that the book can’t be destroyed even by fire. 

The Rohonc Codex

7. The Rohonc Codex

The book appeared in the early 19th century in Hungary. It has an unknown illustrator or the manuscript even when the language used in the book is mysterious. Some said that it was an 18th-century hoax due to its unconventional writing system. Other who studied the codex thought that the paper dates to 1530s Venice although there was no guarantee that the author wrote the book at the same time.

The book’s text and illustration can’t be translated, making it the most mysterious occult book. Scholars think that the text is Hungarian characters. One attempt came close to translating the book and if proven correct, the book is religious. 

The Black Pullet

8. The Black Pullet

The book dates to 18th century France. Based on the book’s legend one of Napoleon’s officers wrote the book in Egypt. The only survivor from the attack, an old who helped the Frenchman inside a pyramid. Inside the pyramid, the old man kept an ancient manuscript which he passed on the teachings to the officer.

The book’s name, The Black Pullet, was derived from a hen’s legend that lays golden eggs. It was said that whoever owns and controlled the hen will be wealthy. It resembles the folklore around the goose that laid golden eggs. Other spells from the book include instructions for making talisman and amulets. Talismans help you to control the djinn, force the truth out of people and destroy your rivals. 

The Munich Manual

9. The Munich Manual

The book was written in Latin. It is also known as the Necromancer’s Manual because it focuses on necromancy and demonology. The Munich Manual dates to the 15th century. Immersed in black magic, the book contains spells that create an illusion, see into the future and control others. The book calls these forms of magic Illusionist, Divinatory, and Psychological. Grimoires of the period include angel folklore while the Munich Manual only has demons.

Among its commands is a ritual of making a Mirror of Lilith used in divination. Lilith was said to be the first wife of Adam before Eve based on Kabbalah. Lilith doesn’t appear in the bible but she was featured in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Mirrors act as a portal to her territory; therefore the ritual of creating a Mirror of Lilith allows a magician for her guidance. 

The Galdrabok

 10. The Galdrabok

This book came from Ireland in the 16th century. It contains 47 spells from an array of magicians which rely on the use of boards. These are symbols you might write into a paper or onto an object then carry the object with you along with their magical properties.

The Galdrabok was featured in J.F. Penn in her Delirium, was given to Blake Daniel from his Swedish ancestors and was responsible for the demons that plague his father. Most of the spells in the book relate to protection or healing. These spells can cure insomnia or headache and help ease childbirth. Some spells can help you catch a thief or win a legal battle.

But other spells help a magician hurt others. Spell 46 includes “fart runes” causing your enemies nonstop gassiness. The book also contains spells that can poison or kill animals. The Galdrabok shows an enthralling source of information about Germanic Gods and magical beliefs in Iceland.

These books can make or break someone, especially those who are not familiar with handling spells or magic. It can help you improve your magic skills, or it can also cause a severe effect on others. That is why keeping away from these occult books is highly suggested for safety reasons. 

By Kris De Vera Estrella, IFY Books

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