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Sunday, January 17, 2021

The Common Colors and Meanings Of Aura

Have you ever felt any discomfort when someone gets physically close to you as if they touched you even they did not? Or that act of being near to our love ones or someone who motivates us, and we start to feel that comforting vibe, a physical impression of warmth and ease. That invisible something can be called our space, our bubble or energy field. And the spiritual term for it is called Aura, the unseen field of energy. 

The Common Colors and Meaning Of Aura
Image: Aura Aura

 All living things have Auras. It can typically spread three feet away from the body, depending on the person.

Try to rub your palms together; it will generate heat, then stop and slowly drift them apart. Pay attention to that energy you are feeling between them. The vibration, trembling and remaining heat is your Aura. 

Someone who is well versed in Aural reading can see and identify the colors of it. It can show your real emotions and feelings if the color is clear and bright, then that is considered healthy, but if it is muddied, the person may be experiencing some emotional issues. 

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Here are the common color and meanings of Aura


The color that is connected to your root chakra, it is sometimes hard to interpret since it can be positive or negative. It can mean a sense of worth and healthy pride, or it can also mean anger and anxiety. From a physical perspective, red Aura provides a picture of the heart and blood circulation.
  • Dark red indicates someone who is centred and grounded with a strong sense of self-preservation.
  • Muddy red can indicate anger.
  • Bright red is someone passionate, competitive, sensual and energetic.
  • Pink can be artistic or loving; this may not be the usual color of the person’s Aura, it is possible that it turned pink because the person fell in love or feeling love overpoweringly or can also indicate psychic ability.
  • Muddy pink shows deceit and emotional immaturity.


This color usually means that the person is full of vitality and energy or healthy. It also gives an understanding of what is going on with the person’s reproductive system.
  • Red-orange means confidence
  • Yellow-orange indicates that the person is intelligent, perfectionist and creative.
  • Muddy orange shows laziness or lack of ambition or the person may be emotionally clogged and unable to move forward.


This color indicates a person who is full of life, optimistic and fun; it may also show that the person’s liver or spleen is malfunctioning.
  • Pastel yellow means spiritual awareness and optimism
  • Bright yellow shows the struggle for personal power.
  • Muddy Yellow indicates fatigue from doing so much all at once. 


Healers and many teachers have green Aura; this is the color of love and healing if a person has a green Aura, they tend to work to help the world in whatever way they can. It also provides information about the heart and the lungs.
  • Yellow-green indicates that a person is a good communicator.
  • Bright green means a natural healer
  • Muddy green shows jealousy, insecurity and has trouble taking responsibility for their actions.


A person who has blue Aura is sensitive, intuitive, calm and compassionate. This color of Aura also indicates about the state of the thyroid.
  • Turquoise a powerful healer mainly in emotional and mental health.
  • Light blue peaceful and truthful
  • Bright blue spiritual intuitive, a person with this Aura can read others’ thoughts and future.
  • Muddy blue Deceitful, not out of hatred but instead out of fear


People with this color of Aura are profoundly spiritual and has extraordinary gifts. It may also indicate that something is going on with the nervous system.

Indigo indicates a daydreamer in the best possible way. A person who has this color of Aura can make the world the way they want it to be.
  • Violet wise and psychically powerful.
  • Lavender creative and imaginative.
  • Muddy violet the psychic gift of this person is blocked by some internal force.


A color of Aura that indicates abundance may it be spiritually or monetarily. However, a grey Aura tells that a person is filled with fear to the extent of physical suffering.


A person with gold Aura is in direct communication with the Divine. Many great leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr. Gandhi and Dalai Lama have gold Auras. 


People who have black Aura are pulling all energy towards themselves, like a black hole. These people are physically or psychically wounded and trying to heal themselves, however ineffective.


This color of Aura indicates purity and newness. Celestial entities are said to have white Auras. An enlightened person may have white Aura along with children.

So what do you think is the color of your Aura based on these Aura colors mentioned?
By Kris De Vera Estrella, IFY Books

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