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Sunday, January 17, 2021

The Story Of Heidi

The modest and blissful life of a five-year-old orphan, Heidi raised in the Swiss Mountains of Switzerland.

With a great diversity of landscapes, panoramic scenery and magnificent nature, Switzerland makes the setting of the perennial classic story written by Johanna Spyri more enticing to the readers’ imagination alongside with its simple yet moving storyline.

Heidi, Johanna Spyri
Image: Character Design References

It’s about a five-year-old orphan girl named Heidi, who was raised by her Aunt Deta after her parent’s death. Deta then received a great opportunity to work in Frankfurt and she can no longer accommodate her niece. She then brought Heidi to her cranky and reclusive grandfather in the Swiss Mountain. With Heidi’s delightful innocence and beautiful heart, she was able to soften the old man’s emotion and accepted her happily.
Away from her Aunt’s oppression, Heidi’s life-force soars even more and quickly adapts the heavenly life in the mountain. She then meets her friend Peter, the young goatherd of her grandfather, alongside with his blind grandmother.

While Heidi was living the modest and blissful life, Deta came back to get her and sent to the Sesemann family to accompany the disabled girl Clara. With her cheerful and positive outlook, she gained Clara’s affection and became best friends. In there, Heidi made her stay productive and learn how to read with the help of Clara. But despite Heidi’s ability to adjust in the big city, she got homesick and became pale and thin. It was then decided that she needs to go back home and be reunited with her grandfather and the beautiful mountains. Heidi felt at peace.

Heidi, Johanna Spyri
Image: Penguin Books Australia

With the doctor’s advice, Clara went to visit Heidi and experience the magic of the mountains. All goes well until Peter got envious with the friendship between Clara and Heidi. Out of his bitterness, he pushed Clara’s wheelchair down the mountain. Mischief turned into something favorable. Clara found her courage to do what they thought impossible, and she was able to walk.

With the crisp air, refreshing sceneries, one who will visit the Mountains will genuinely experience the magical healing gift of nature.

It is the authenticity which makes the story of Heidi a masterpiece. Published in 1881, the lessons of the story are still relevant today. Deep love to one’s place is what Heidi wants to implore, to be responsible and appreciate its magnificence. It also upholds a good relationship between people no matter what differences, like her bond with Clara. In the end, it encourages goodness and harmony to one another.

Heidi, Johanna Spyri
Image: Mubi

Don’t let small things get into your way, don’t let the dark clouds ruin your day; just believe and have faith. There’s magic in the mountain.

It was in Heididorf above Maienfeld where Johanna Spyri got her inspiration in making the story of Heidi. Heidi’s fans can visit the small village to experience the blissful Swiss mountain life. In front of Heidi’s house awaits her two goats, “Schwänli” and “Bärli”. With is countryside feel of the living room, the storage room along with her bedroom still appears the same.

Not far from it, you can enjoy the superb mountain landscape of Heidi’s favorite place, her grandfather pasture. You can also go through the 6 km trail and learn about Heidi and her friend Peter from the 12 stations. It is where you can also appreciate the serenity of “Heidi-Erlebnisweg” (thematic trail) and “Heidialp” (alpine pasture).


By Kris De Vera Estrella, IFY Books

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