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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Drunk Text Reveals What We Truly Feels

If somebody drunk text you appreciate it because they think of you when they can hardly think straight.

Based on the definition of Oxford Language, drunk texting is a text message while drunk typically one that is embarrassing or foolish.

But does it mean anything or just pure foolishness? Some of us may have done this act and made us feel embarrassed the following day that we barely made ourselves crawl out of bed. And the daunting thing is that some of those drunk texts are dead right, even more honest than anything we have texted sober.

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Drunk texts are just funny and full of typographical errors and that is quite normal. However, it can be more than just hilarious; it can actually reveal how you truly feel to a person. Honestly, when we are drunk we are not in our right state of mind and the last thing we should be doing is to send a message to someone. However, even though we know we shouldn’t, that’s exactly what we do. And the next morning we regret every word we said and flush the mere thought of what we have texted. It is also when reality hits us hard and reminded us of what we have done but unfortunately, there is no going back. When we are in our right state of mind we realize that it was not a good idea to text a particular person and may have been the worst act by far but what is done is already done.

In reality, sometimes we say things we couldn’t say when we are sober simply because we don’t have that courage to say it and even if they may be awkward, drunk text are almost always true.

Being said here are the 5 times drunk texts have been nothing less than the truth.

“I’m Seriously Into You and I Have Been For Quite Some Time”

This kind of text may have different variations but the bottom line is that we have that desire for someone but we’re too afraid to confess. And a few glasses of wine will help us gather the courage needed to admit it. Believing that it is a great idea and we then can’t understand what took us too long and why we faltered admitting it. Though it isn’t a bad idea to tell someone what we feel, a text message can’t be a proper way to say it to top it off a drunk text. Some may get away from it and your crush finds it sweet and flirty but only if you get lucky. However, it could also turn the other way a total turn-off which might have blown your chances of something good.

“I Love You”

It is totally okay to express your love for someone, but not when you’re drunk. When you are drunk you suddenly tend to love and appreciate every one. Besides, there is nothing too fancy about admitting your love for someone while under the influence of alcohol; therefore, it is a better idea to wait until you are sober to do it. 

“Do You Want To Come Over?”

After a wild night out with friends you might suddenly feel that you can’t bear the thought of getting back home alone. Thinking about it makes you feel lonesome. With these being said and being tipsy, you suddenly send a drunk text to an ex or an old fling for a hookup. This is never a good idea and it may lead to an awkward moment in the morning if someone accepts your invitation.

“I’m So Angry At You Right Now”

Being under the influence of alcohol one becomes rather emotional and will have overpowering mood swings. A probable reason why you decide to speak up and tell a person who really upsets you. In those moments when you decide to text someone who may have pissed you off for months ago but you didn’t say anything then. You may not even recall why you got annoyed with that person. All you know is that he has done something that made you upset and so mad.

“Starting Tomorrow I Will/Won’t…”

Perhaps one of the most hilarious and most common texts of all, saying an important decision when you are drunk. Some may feel so confident and unshakable thinking that you can accomplish whatever you set into your mind. It is the alcohol speaking, although there is some truth to it. During that moment you feel that you should set your mind to something and do anything to achieve it. The next morning when the spirit of alcohol is gone, you realize that making decisions while drunk is not a good idea at all and so you should avoid doing it.

We have our fair share of crazy drunk texts. Things that we sometimes regret or make fun out of it. These were just part of our lives and memories that we will have and always remember when you wake up the next day after getting dead drunk.
By  Kris De Vera Estrella, IFY Books

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