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Friday, February 5, 2021

Real Love Is Not Forcing Someone To Change But Driving Them To Do Better

Some of us may have said that true love is hard to find. And we may have defined love in the wrong way. Therefore finding true love based on our faulty definition of love is a struggle for us.

When you love someone you will also see the imperfections of the person. And more often than not we try to fix these flaws in our partner rather than accepting them in their true form. You do not truly love the person for they are.


We Have Found A Shortcut To Loving Others

You change someone to create that ideal person you have in mind. But that is not loving. Love is accepting the person, and it also means taking everything of that person including the imperfections rather than changing them to a person they are not.

Love Is Accepting That Person Even When The Going Gets Tough

Falling in love with a person who does not fit into your idea and opt to change is not a good thing to do. They will not change to please your palate. Love is not satisfying your standards. That is the problem of the generation now when it comes to their concept of love. They forgot the difference between fake love and real love. We are changing our partners to change just to fit in the vision we imagine. Though, we can try to encourage them to do better without forcing them. We should remember to respect each other’s boundaries and not cross them.

Real love is not selfish but forcing someone to change is selfish. Being imperfect is okay. We all are. You can love someone with their imperfections. However, a person will grow over time, and they will also work on their flaws simultaneously. It shouldn’t matter if they changed or not. What is important is that as a partner you should support them. You should work on the relationship as much as your partner works on the relationship.

Change For Yourself, Don’t Change for Another

A relationship will not progress if your partner only loves a part of you not the whole. True love lets you show the real you, free and comfortable. You can get rid of all your pretensions. You are human, you have desires and you are flawed. And that is okay; you don’t need to change a thing.

You know its real love if there is mutual support, you are caring for one another, you are not trying to fix your partner, you have the same values and goals in life, you are comfortable with one another, you can talk anything under the sun, paying attention to each other and not ignoring one another, accepting that your partner is flawed and that is not a problem, you are not feeling that something is missing between the two of you. Once you found the love of your life hold it tight and never let go. The stars have aligned in your favor. It is time to make your life special with a particular person.
By Kris De Vera Estrella, IFY Books

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