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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

The Demon Prison Of Iran Uncovered

This peculiar landmark called the Solomon Prison or Demon Prison in West Azarbaijan, Iran is shrouded with mysteries regarding its origins. The locals on the area dared not to go for a hike on this menacing landscape since they believe that a demon was sealed by King Solomon himself and spews noxious gas in its vicinity. Despite these warnings, the place has become a tourist spot because of its strange appearance, is the place formed by natural means or is it formed by forces outside human comprehension?

Demon Prison of Iran
Image Credits: Iran Front Page

In an old tale passed down in many generations, Iranians who lived in the area believed that King Solomon had a standoff with a powerful demon and the king emerged victorious in the fight after sealing him with the structure after a struggle for power. 

The name of the demon is unknown and the tale suggests that the demon has the power to control noxious gas and even to this day, locals are afraid to set foot in the vicinity of the area because of the same tale. There is also an interesting tale regarding the Ring of Solomon that might have inspired the plot device called the One Ring in the Lord of the Rings franchise. 

Demon Prison of Iran
Image: Iran Front Page

To cast aside the rumours about its occult background and significance, intensive archaeological research proves that the cone-shaped prison was built during the Sassanid Dynasty (224 to 651 A.D) contrary to the popular belief that the structure was built during the time of King Solomon, 900 years before Christ was born. 

The fortified site is the first attraction of West Azarbaijan recognized as a World Heritage site in July 2003.

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