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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Clear Signs That Your Friend Is Fake (No.4 is Worst!)

Clear Signs That Your Friend Is Fake

A beautiful life is a life that is full of good friends. Good friends make our life easier. They are our number one support system and ultimately, our sanctuary. Without a friend,, our life will be bland. But sometimes, all of this can just be an illusion. What if your friend is not what they seem like?

Fake friends are sometimes hard to spot and they might be preparing to hurt us just now. They hide behind lies that sound natural and actions that put us in danger. These are the friends that will make our life miserable and complicated. So, what are the signs of fake friends?

1. They Make Promises That They Constantly Break

What we look for in a friend is one who can keep their promises. Because after all, fulfilled promises build our trust that will make the friendship flourish. But, what signs that your friend is fake? On the other side, fake friend does not care about keeping promises. One of the signs of a fake friend is broken promises. Since their number one purpose in befriending you is to use you, they will make promises that they can’t even keep. This will make you angry as it goes on, but they will feel like there is nothing wrong.


Clear Signs That Your Friend Is Fake


2. They Talk Bad Things About You Behind Your Back

The most hurtful thing is to be talked badly behind your back by the person you trust the most. A fake friend will do this because they do not feel any connection with you and they do not mind the thought of you hurting. Besides talking about you in a negative way behind your back, they also will not defend you.

When someone is talking bad about you, they will not say a word, they will even join the conversation. Do not be a friend with someone who is like this because these is the common signs of a fake friend.

3. They Only Talk About Themselves

You know they are a fake friend if the friendship feels like a one-way relationship. A fake friend will not care about your needs to have listened to. Every conversation you have with that friend will only be about their problems. This is an obvious sign of a fake friend. Even if you talk about your problem, they will cut the conversation and link it back to their problem. 

4. They Only Come To You When They Need You

A good friend should be there through good and bad, every time possible. This is because friendship is building through time and effort. However, signs that your friend is fake they only come to you when they need you. Maybe when they have no friends or they want you to do something. They call you up only when they need your help. Likewise, you might be good at maths, so they come along just to ask you to do a task. Well, if you have cool stuff then they are just there to use it and forget about you. This is a clear sign of them using you. Do not commit to this kind of friendship. I mean, you deserve to be loved by a true friend. 


5. They Make You Feel Bad For Not Being With Them

One or two missed appointments based on logical reasons should not break a friendship. Friends should understand that we have a life outside of this friendship. But a fake friend will make you feel really bad about missing these appointments to the point where you actually hate your life. This is because fake friends want you to feel bad about yourself and they are mean.

6. They Do Not Support You

It makes us all feel very happy when you have a friend that constantly supports us. They praise your hard work and make your anxiety smaller when facing new challenges. Fake friends will not do all this. They will make you question your own strength, be disappointed at your own accomplishment,, and feel more scared when there are new challenges. They will do this by pointing out how weak you are or your mistakes. They will do this subtly, you won’t even notice but suddenly at the end of the day,, you feel this raging self-hatred. If you have a friend like this, cut the ties immediately.

Clear Signs That Your Friend Is Fake

7. They Make Fun Of You Every Single Time

A little humor between friends is common, it is even a sign of a very close relationship. But sometimes some friends make fun of you all the time until it doesn’t feel funny anymore. The people that do this are fake friends. When making fun of you, they will still do it even though you asked them to stop. To make it worse, they often do it in public. The jokes also feel hurtful because fake friends will make fun of sensitive things such as your appearance or your personality.

8. They Never Forgive And Forget

What're more,, signs that your friend is fake? People make mistakes and to have a long-lasting friendship we need to be able to sincerely forgive and forget. Well, that is not the case for fake friends. Because they do not have a real emotional connection with us, they always feel superior and they do not care if you are hurt along the way. They point out your mistakes all the time, and they sometimes use that little mistakes against you in the future. They do this while not mentioning their mistakes at all.



9. They Do Not Make Moves

To spot a fake friend, find a friend that does not initiate anything. They do not text you first, plan a get-together, or talk to you daily. Even though you have made moves to be with them, they always ignore you or say no to these plans constantly. They do not make plans for your friends because they are not interested in growing this friendship and they only use you for a specific thing.

10. They Forgot Important Facts Or Parts About You

Important dates or events associated with you will be greater if it is remembered and celebrated by a friend. A fake friend will not be able to do that because they do not feel the need to know you. They want this relationship to be all about themselves. So whenever you talk about important dates or parts of who you are, they always seem to forget. Do not befriend someone who never listens.

Clear Signs That Your Friend Is Fake


11. They Openly Attack And Defy Your Beliefs

It is common for some people to have different beliefs and ways of thinking. A good friend should also have that belief or they should support them. However, a fake friend will publicly defy and attack your beliefs. They will make you question your own beliefs and they will belittle you for even having those beliefs.

12. They Make You Feel Bad About Yourself

At the end of the day, we should feel happy in a friendship. If you constantly feel like your confidence is getting lower, you are getting more sensitive and you are miserable in this friendship, there is a big chance you are with a fake friend. Trust your instincts. If your heart tells you that this friendship is toxic, then get out.

[ By Love Devani ]

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