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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Sex, Love And Relationship Predictions For Every Zodiac Sign In 2022

Sex, Love And Relationship Predictions For Every Zodiac Sign In 2022

The year 2022 will bring epic love. Soulmate love. The kind of love that will change you.

But, of course, there will be plenty of breakups. What is important to remember, though, is that every ending is just a new beginning. So will you find the one, have your life shattered, or float on a romantic dream?

Read what lies ahead in your love and sex horoscope for 2022. Oh and follow me because this masterpiece is a work of art and you love me. 

How to be hot in 2022

Embrace your inner magic. Be an emotional human being. Be sensitive to other people. In the summer, show off your sex appeal and be daring. The world will love you. 

How to get laid in 2022

Stop looking at your phone. Make more effort to see your friends. Masturbate in the mirror to remember how sexy you are and find someone who will genuinely be happy kissing you when you do it.

How to find love in 2022

Forgive yourself. Forgive others. Remember that you are the main character in your story. You are special and there will never be another you. Do not think of love as something you are seeking. Know you are worthy of love. Realize that someone else’s love is chasing you. 


Get ready for a year of sexual healing, Aries. Many of the planetary trends focus upon the past, which can make you especially reflective on how you’ve approached your intimacy and relationships in recent years. You will have intense reawakenings about how you wish to find someone who will connect with you on the deepest of levels. In the summer, you’ll feel your confidence ignite more than you have in a decade. You’ll become a love magnet! Words of caution for the year, though: beware of dating a powerful friend or contact in your network. Be very slow. It could bring fortune but you need to tread lightly as you dance on this new chapter.


Oh, love. My heart goes out to you because we are on such an intense journey in 2022 and I cannot lie to you. You have been so focused on your ambitions that you’ve sacrificed your friendships and relationships — believing that you’ll be stronger if you put your heart into your plans because they’ll never leave you, even when people sometimes do. But 2022 will make you look in the mirror and ask yourself what you truly want in your relationships and what you need to fix to be healed. You could be single, married or casually dating, but you will realize that you’re proud of who you are. As you step into your power, you will find the love you seek. Astonishing engagements, marriages, true soulmate love and volatile divorces may all happen, depending on how happy you are within your soul and what you’re ready for. You are not a caged bull any longer. You are a phoenix set free. 


In recent years, you’ve focused on stepping into this new version of yourself — fighting skin and bone to emerge free. You are unafraid of love, but you know your limits and they always must be on your terms going forward. You will spend a great deal of time in 2022 focusing on how people perceive you and whether you’re happy with this new version of yourself because it’s different than what people expected. In the second half of the year, though, you’ll realize that you like this new sex appeal and your confidence will ignite. You’ll be the passionate and daring you that you’ve prayed would return. The more that you embrace your sensitivity, the more love and sex you’ll find.


The new year is like the moment you fade from reality into a dream, Cancer. You will consistently wonder how you lucked out to fall this deeply. All of your relationships will flourish, but you’ll realize that you’re on a whole new journey when it comes to your heart. Life will continue to show you that you can trust more than you ever thought you could. Passion, laughter and friendship will surround you — and you’ll realize that your very special magic is being recognized by everyone around you, too. Soulmate connections, engagements and pregnancies could all pop up — but beware of that awful ex who just won’t leave your mind. If you dance into a fantasy, especially at the beginning of the year, it could haunt you with a scandal you don’t want to go through.


You have been doing the heavy lifting in your relationships for quite some time, Leo. You’ve wondered if this is a pattern that will continue — and, yes, it will. The karma and baggage you are holding onto are worth it, though, if you know how to also get your needs met. Luckily, 2022 could provide you the confidence to speak up and ask for what you need. While passion is hot at the beginning of the year, it could fizzle and fade and you may sense that your friendships are more important to you than romance in the year to come. Also: Your family will have dramatic turns of fate this year, too, so it’s best to weather that storm rather than trying to fight elsewhere. 


Love is written in the stars and for you, dear Virgo, you are finally seeing the light. The year to come will smile on you like you’ve finally found the spark of fire inside your heart again. All of your relationships will flourish — and the best part about 2022 is that your love could lead you in vast new directions with travel o,r if single, you may even be interested in someone from a different background, culture or country! You are two twin flames dancing and things keep getting better! You could meet a soulmate if single, or grow closer by moving in, getting engaged or even being wed. However, beware of getting too nostalgic about an ex, old flames or “the old days” at the onset of the year, as you are just love-drunk.


Romance is a lifestyle, Libra. The key to making it a habit is prioritizing it. However, 2022 could end up focusing you more on your responsibilities, family and work life, rather than the sparks of love. Single Libras may feel underwater with work despite their hunger for passion, and committed couples will find that they may just be too “comfortable” to spice it up when it’s gotten so routine. If you’ve been going through a separation, you’ll likely get it in 2022 — but aim to do so in the first half of the year. Otherwise, it’ll become a never-ending power struggle. The best thing, though, is that the planets will dance for you in the summer of 2022. All of your barriers will melt and you’ll find yourself dancing with someone who mirrors you. These memories will be some of the best moments of your life. 


Imagine a dark sky of clouds that crackle with lightning. That image can be fearful — but it is also powerful. You are standing in that sky with lightning obeying your command. In 2022, you will find that love is not luck — it is your birthright. You are a thunder god now, and gods should be obeyed. You will choose to make your greatest love story come to you. Some Scorpios will meet soulmates, others will get engaged or married and others will pour gasoline on their lives and light the flame. Remember: your love is thunder and anyone who meets you will never be the same again. Step into 2022 with confidence and open your heart and the world will reward you.


After years of dramatic change, now you are ready to explore and settle into this new rhythm. While home and family will certainly dominate your attention and you could heal some of the issues, you’ll also be focused on following your own plan rather than anyone else’s. 2022 is also screaming something else: adventure. You’ve learned so much bull about relationships that it’s time for passion and new beginnings. The summer of 2022 shines for every Sagittarius. You will find your heart is set on fire. It will burn so bright, you can’t even hide it. You will feel that euphoria as it courses through your body and look up to the sky and realize you’ve never been happier. That ecstasy will transform your life, and for some Sagittarians that will be marriage, pregnancy, a birth or finding the spark of your magic. Dance in the flames — you’re becoming a new star. 


The past is a rose. It is beautiful to behold, but it has thorns — you can admire it from a distance but you can’t grip it without bleeding. The past is meant to teach you that some things grow more exquisite when you look back over time. But you cannot ever recreate it; otherwise, it will repeat the pain you felt. Plant that rose of your past in your garden of life. Remember what you learned. If you ever want to bring the past back, let that rose grow in a new light. The new year will bring you a significant awakening around true love and passion. You will sift through your past like grains of sand and realize you lost a jewel. Bring it back to your heart. If you realize it’s time to move on, do so. Know that true love is better ahead if you have a clear mind free of them.


You’ve made important choices about your independence and power and the ramifications will echo out further. In 2022, you’re focusing on your self-love and personal worth. That doesn’t mean you will be alone: the universe is dancing with love for you, especially around your past, your family and friends. Finding new love for singles may not be as easy, but you will never be alone. Imagine that your heart is a candle that you put into a lantern that you release and watch as it floats into the air and soars into the sky. The right person will see it from their window and come to you. In a sense, your heart is a flame in the sky. Travel will make many Aquarians happy, especially with partners. The second half of 2022 will bring immense passion, but the end of the year could cause you to again question your worth. Do not doubt your light. You are a beacon in the night.


Imagine rowing a boat that finally hits the sand. You step out and you see a whole new world is open for you to explore. That is your 2022. It is a whole new era of you, except different, brighter, exotic and in a whole new direction. This will reflect in your love life. You are stepping into one of the luckiest periods of your life and all of your relationships will flourish. Your dreams, thoughts and words become magic this year, so what you desire can be yours. Soulmate connections will surround you, as if angels brought them to you. As you feel more powerful and confident, you’ll realize you don’t need to play to anyone else’s rhythm. The world bows to you. Falling in love, major promises, engagements, weddings and pregnancies are here if you conquer the island before you.

[ By New York Post ]

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