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Friday, January 7, 2022

Meet The Sleeping Beauty In Real Life Who Slept For 13 Days Straight


Echa, who lives in Banjarmasin, Indonesia, made headlines in 2017, when many local news sites reported that Echa, then 13 years old, slept for 9 days straight before waking up. She has fallen into an abnormally long sleep twice so far. The first time lasted a day and a half, but a week ago Echa’s condition got worse and she fell into a deep sleep for up to 13 days. 


While she was in the second long sleep, her parents took Echa to the local hospital for a checkup. However, the tests showed that she was in normal results and was just sleeping. Finally, after 13 consecutive days, this young girl regained consciousness, but doctors said that Echa’s health condition is very weak.

No one knows the real cause of Echa’s unusually long sleep, but the teen girl is said to having similar symptoms of hypersomnia, a rare neurological condition that can make people excessively sleepy during the day and often fall asleep for long periods of time. Hypersomnia often presents in many forms and has many causes, ranging from nerve damage to genetic factors, and physical or emotional trauma.


According to Echa’s father Mulyadi, he had tried several times to wake her up but to no avail. Interestingly, Echa still chews and swallows food in her sleep if her parents feed her, and also becomes restless when she needs to go to the bathroom. If brought to the toilet, Echa can still use the toilet seat and unrinate as usual.


Echa is said to have the Sleeping Beauty Syndrome. There is currently no cure for this condition, but Echa’s parents are hoping that their daughter’s rare syndrome can soon be dealt with so that she can enjoy a normal, happy life like her peers. 


However, Echa is not the only “sleeping beauty” case and her condition seems to be even milder than another “sleeping beauty” Sharik Tovar. Two years ago, this 19-year-old Colombian girl made the headlines for sleeping for two months before she woke up.

[ By News 24 ]

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