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Thursday, February 17, 2022

Birth of Transparent Cars

Transparent Cars

An experiment involving the transparency of cars has been on-ongoing in Keio University
in Japan. Using a light emitting polymer skin, Japanese researchers have been creating ‘transparent’ vehicle that projects the outside world on its interior. It is designed to help drivers with parking, projecting panoramic view of the are behind onto the rear seats, according to a ‘Daily Mail’ report.

This technology uses a system of rear-facing cameras to capture the view behind a vehicle , with the image is then sent to the car backseat through a half mirror screen. The screen is not your ordinary screen. It is made up of a special material called a recursive reflector. The computer then corrects the scale of images so that a life-sized appearance of the driver would be projected.

Transparent Cars
The main feature of the system is to makes things look as if you can really see through them and will feel like the driver is driving a glass car. Seeing its brighter side, it can potentially lead to an end of car park incidents and reversing mishaps. It seeks to cut down accidents and make the street a little safer. More importantly, drivers who struggle to parallel park may find this invention particular useful as the car looms to be transparent from the inside, allowing drivers to ‘see through’ the rear bodywork's.

In UK, a total tally of 200,00 accidents are caused by reversing vehicles each year, as stated by Accident Exchange, with majority of them being the fault of the driver. With this transparent cars, it is expected to potentially prove be extremely useful in reducing road deaths. Should this technology of transparent care be effective, one thing is for sure, parking is not a big issue anymore.

By Joshua Marasigan, IFY Books

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