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Saturday, February 12, 2022

Fart-smellers: A Job That Pays $50,000

Fart-smellers: A Job That Pays $50,000

Ever had days when you stop and stare at loads of work and think you have the worst job in the world? Well, think again.

Some Chinese people believe that the smell of an object affects the particular nuances: bitter, sweet, savory, fishy. These smells can be use to detect or determine disease by an expert fart- smeller. You read it right. A smeller, fart-smeller. Still think your job stinks?

For example, a meaty smell could be identified as someone as having an internal bleeding or tumors. But scientific researchers seem to be learning toward this belief. Take dogs as for instance. Dogs are sharp smellers and some dogs are also trained for checking if someone has prostate cancer by just smelling a sample of urines. In another research, trained dogs were capable of determining the stool samples of colorectal patients with 97% accuracy rate.

In another study, people were able to determine a person’s personality with just the odor of the person. But before you even start experiment yourself and your seat-mate on checking whether you have the nose for the job that was reported to have a net pay of about US $50,000, keep in mind that this is a rather selective job. Only people of the ages 18-40 are allowed to be called a professional fart-smeller. And a fart-smeller should be free of any nasal impairment or disease of any kind and one that who does not smoke or drink any liquor.

After checking these things out, you must be sure to be patient and you should also be able to undergo an extensive training and tons of workshops then undertake loads of exam. Then a final exam where almost all of us would be happy to skip.


By Joshua Marasigan, IFY Books

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