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Tuesday, February 15, 2022

IFY Bookstore February 2022 Teasers I

IFY Bookstore still offers its Buy 3 Get One Promo Yes, you read it right! In the month of love, we will share our love for books. Once you avail at least 3 books from IFY Bookstore you will get a free book based on the genre or sets of books you availed. Here are the highlights of our Fifth Upload of the year or the First upload of the month of February.   

IFY Bookstore, Books

Browse on our vast catalog of hard-to-find/ rare books, bestsellers, and even some Filipiniana titles that you never thought you would find are right here at IFY Bookstore. Here are the highlights and what to watch out for in our Fifth uploads of 2022 or the first upload in the month of February: 

Popular science books written by James Gleick, Steven Gould and Richard Feynman will surely reignite your love for science by reading the new arrivals on science. Several fiction books by Alex Garland, Joseph Heller, P.D James, Thomas Keneally, William Golding are also in the uploads. 

IFY Bookstore, Book

Here are the rules on how to order at IFY Bookstore:

  1. Uploads of are pile into two  Facebook albums titled Fiction and Nonfiction. Browse thru the FB page or Instagram for the sets. 
  2. Comment the words 'Mine' or 'Save' for the book you want to obtain. Please take note that some books got extra copies so if someone commented mine first on the book you want we will send you a message that it is still available.
  3. Strict 3 Day Reservation Period. or Maximum of 1 week holding period for bulk orders. We are also open for piling orders to be delivered in one huge batch. 
  4. Send us a message if you have finalized your order.
  5. The price breakdown or invoice will be issued along with the arrangements of the mode of payment or preferred courier service. You can also request for Shopee checkout.
  6. Book will arrive at your doorstep and enjoy reading! And if you order at least 3 books, you'll get an extra book for you to enjoy.

IFY Bookstore, Books

IFY Bookstore got your back on the variety of books that readers of all ages will enjoy. From this year on and in the coming months, IFY Bookstore will upload batches of books by hundreds 4 times a month or once a week. Each of these mass uploads consists of at least 200 books or during the month's end at least 400 books; at least a hundred for fiction, and at least a hundred books for non-fiction. Every weekend, Saturday or Sunday at 6am, two batches of books in two Facebook page albums are uploaded. 

IFY Bookstore, Shopee

The Shopee store currently in operation named New and Preloved Books 2.0 was created to cater to those who prefer cheaper shipping rates and readers who prefer Shopee checkout. Do note that not all books are uploaded on the Facebook page are available on Shopee. Feel free to send us a message if you are looking for a book, we might have it. To browse our catalog in Shopee click here.  

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