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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Man 'Abducted By Aliens 50 Years Ago' Claims He Warned World About Covid And WW3

 A fisherman claims he was warned about the Covid-19 pandemic and World War Three after he was abducted by aliens almost 50 years ago.

Calvin Parker said that he kept these visions to himself until recently when he decided to reveal his claims of abduction 50 years prior as he now fears they are coming true.

The 68-year-old said that he was fishing on the banks of a river in Pascagoula, Mississippi, with his friend Charlie Hickson, when they claim that a UFO landed nearby. 

He then said that he was shown terrible events from humanity’s past, present and future during his close encounter back in 1973.

A 19-year-old at the time, claimed that they were grabbed by the strange creatures which had lobster-like claws and carrot-like noses and ears.

Referring to the pandemic as a 'plague' he added he was warned it was coming.


He said: "There is a plague going on now.

"Of course there has always been some kind of plague since the beginning of time, but from what I saw this one gets even worse.

"It was caused by mankind which is very bad because God is going to teach us a lesson and stay out of it before he steps back in.

"Mankind has lost faith and not willing to help others.

"This plague will kill millions, cause food shortages and people will fight and steal other people things just to survive.

"This is already going on but it will get worse, family against family friend against friend.

"There will be a time when it will be impossible to trust anyone."


The then 19-year-old said they were grabbed by strange creatures with lobster-like claws and carrot-like noses and ear

The then 19-year-old said they were grabbed by strange creatures with lobster-like claws and carrot-like noses and ear

He also claimed that his second vision was of a coming World War Three.

He added: "Then there is going to be a great war that one side blames the other.

"In my vision I have seen people's skin melt off their body.

"I don't know if it's a nuclear war or not but it puts nation against nation. There will not be a nation on Earth that is not touched by this war.”

He added that there would be food shortages, and toxic land so bad no more crops would crow after the war. 

On top of that, in his supposed visions, he claimed water supplies would be cut off too.

But then, he boldly said that humanity would turn a corner and everyone would come back together and begin to heal “slowly but surely”.

He concluded: "My personal opinion is that they [politicians] are a bunch of idiots that overlook what is best for our planet and the entire human race.

"I didn't come up with this on my own. This was not a figment of my imagination. This is what I saw or should I say was shown during my abduction experience.

"I truly hope that these future 'visions' do not come true.

"Please make up your own mind about this. The abduction experience was scary enough but these visions scared me even more then and still concern me today."

Parker claims that in light of the Russia-Ukraine tension he was worried WW3 was coming
British UFO investigator Philip Mantle, who has published Calvin's book, Pascagoula - The Closest Encounter - said: "Calvin finds it very difficult to discuss this aspect of his encounter calling it a curse.

"A curse just-in-case it's true and that he has seen the future of mankind and it's not a pretty sight, we could probably ignore these 'visions' were it not for the fact that other close encounter witnesses have related similar stories."

Calvin underwent regressive hypnosis with the world's top alien abduction researcher Budd Hopkins to unlock memories buried in his deep subconscious.

He described how he was attacked by a female alien on board the UFO who scratched his eyes with her long fingernails.

He claimed he strangled her after she shoved her finger up his nose.

During the taped hypnosis session Calvin said: "She's evil, she's really evil, I can see destruction, I'm able to see things that I've never seen before."

Asked by Budd Hopkins to describe some of the things he could see, he replied: "I feel a real warm sensation, the best feeling I ever had in my life. 

"Thank God I'm finally dead, I'm dead. And my soul is leaving my body. She's actually killed me.

"My soul's leaving my body. In this light, this strong light, I'm glad it's all over now.

"I'll finally get some peace. And then I see angels, nothing like I've ever seen before.

"Oh, oh. I'm being pulled back down now; I'm being pulled back into my body. I don't wanna go back into my body I just wanna leave.

"I want to go into this light. It just felt so good, let me go back into this light, don't send me back, Lord please take me, take me.

"Let me come to you, I don't want to go back, but I have to go back, I have to fight her."

Now Calvin, who has battled cancer, has revealed the visions he was given almost 50 years ago - and he's convinced they are now becoming a reality.

He said: "As some of you will know I had a near death experience while on board this craft .

He claimed one of the aliens stuck its fingers up its nose

"This was when my blood was drained out of me and then replaced with what I still don't know. Then things were shown to me, Things from the past, present and future.

"I guess one could call it a curse. Ever since then I have had major health problems but slowly I have overcome most of them

"I would not be talking about it now if I hadn't seen some of these come true. I sure don't want people to think I am psychic because I am not.

"Maybe I was handed a curse or it could be a way to help save our planet or mankind. But it scares the hell out of me not for me but for the future of all of us.

"My time here on earth is almost over.

"I would not want to leave here knowing there could be something I could do to help someone.

"So I will tell what I was shown that day onboard the UFO and I will try to go into as much detail as I can remember."


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