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Monday, February 28, 2022

North Korea Restarts Ballistic Missile Tests As Ukraine Tension Mount


North Korea, Kim Jong Un

 Despite restrictions, North Korea has been progressively increasing missile tests, shooting a record number of warheads last month. On Sunday, Seoul reported North Korea fired a ballistic missile, restarting a weapons-testing frenzy after a month of silence during the Beijing Winter Olympics. The launch happened a day after North Korea issued its first response to the Ukraine conflict in an article written by a government expert. North Korea expressed sympathy for Russia while criticising the US.

North Korea may potentially see the United States' concern with the Ukraine situation as an opportunity to ramp up testing without fear of a significant response from Washington. The missile flew about 190 miles towards the Sea of Japan at 07:52 local time at a maximum altitude of approximately 370 miles before landing off North Korea's eastern coast and outside Japan's exclusive economic zone, according to Japan's Ministry of Defense. There has been no recorded damage to vessels or aircraft. South Korea also confirmed the launch.

North Korea, Kim Jong Un
Officials from South Korea claimed they detected the launch from the North's capital region and voiced "deep worry and great sorrow." North Korea launched seven missile tests last month, the most in a single month as Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un seized control in late 2011. 

After the Olympics, they communicated to Chinese President Xi Jinping, calling for additional bilateral ties from the military intimidation and hostile policy of the United States and its satellite forces. According to North Korea's state media, President Xi Jinping replied to Supreme Leader Kim last week, saying China is ready to strengthen relations. The United States diplomacy aimed to compel North Korea to give up its nuclear program, but Pyongyang said it wouldn't return to the negotiating table unless Washington ended its hostility.

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