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Thursday, February 17, 2022

Wedding and a Funeral in Dream Meaning

Wedding and a Funeral in Dream Meaning

A wedding celebrates a new beginning, a funeral acknowledges an ending. A special moments where your loved once gather together to share an important event in someone’s life. Can you imagine having a big wedding at the same time funeral in your dream?

When you dream about a wedding and funeral at the same time, it usually indicates a radiant energy; a satisfaction in your personal and professional life. Being free-spirited and the happiness in your life. It also signifies the accomplishment you have, gaining new perceptive and it shows you’ve plant your balance in life and feeling pleased with it.

However, dreaming of a wedding as a funeral indicates not being satisfied with how you are living your life right now. A negative emotions like anger, rage and a feeling of being worn out. The feeling of failure and discontentment with your relationship or family that need immediate action. It also means you are about to reach your boiling point and strong emotions will be exploding soon, a painful experience. It also symbolizes that emotion you have died within yourself and the disappointment of not getting the assistance and encouragement, the feeling of being cheated and regret of failures and the idea that your are not important to other people. It is the anxiety and pressure for everything to be just right.


By Joshua Marasigan, IFY Books

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