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Saturday, February 19, 2022

What Does It Mean To Dream About Blood?

Dream Blood Meaning

Did you dream about blood or have you ever got up from an agony seeing you drenched in a pool of blood? Bleeding to death from blood loss or clothes stained with blood dripping from you’re body part after a deep cut? Were you spooked and confused about why you imaged such a picture in your dreams?

Dreaming of blood can be horrifying and astounding at same time; but it isn't always bad in reality. The blood carries the vital nutrients and oxygen to different parts of the body so they can keep working and keeps us alive. Therefore, it's a life force that nurtures, sustains, fights infections, and carries hormones around the body. It’s a sign that you’re still alive and kicking.

To see blood in your dreams represents a vital energy or life force; abundance of strength, love, passion and eternity as well. It also shows you’ll be saved from a dangerous situation and you can easily adapt to any extreme personalities. Negatively, blood signifies some aspect of yourself, of your life that is losing energy – an issue in your life that is totally draining you of confidence, strength, or power. Feeling that you don’t matter and it can be emotional problem that give serious damage to your confidence - a painful loss of a relationship. It basically warns you to be wary of people who cross your path. Once encountered, you will start losing yourself, take time out for regular rest, relax and spend time more with your spiritual side.


By Joshua Marasigan, IFY Books

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