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Friday, March 4, 2022

Eating Ice Cream For Breakfast Can Help Improve Mental Performance

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We all know that eating breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it fuels nutrients to our body and boosts brainpower. It highly affects how we perform mentally and physically. Most mom would not consider letting their children have ice cream for breakfast, but a Japanese study has shown that consuming ice cream for breakfast can be beneficial to the brain and improve a person's alertness and mental performance. 


After carrying out a series of tests and clinical trials, Professor Yoshiko Koga from Tokyo's Kyorin University has discovered and published that eating ice cream right after waking up helps improve information-processing (mental process) and faster reactions (alertness). Professor Koga specializes in psychophysiology, and he examines the connections between food and cognitive development. For this particular experiment, Koga organized specific test groups: After waking up, one group ate ice cream while the other didn't. Both completed mental exams and exercises on a computer. Results show that the group who ate ice cream displayed faster reactions than those who did not eat ice cream immediately after waking up and demonstrating improved information-processing skills. Their brain activity showed an upsurge in high-frequency alpha brain waves, which are associated with reduced mental irritation and elevated levels of alertness.

Harvard Medical School rejected the studies of Professor Koga, stating that high consumption of sugar increases the risk of heart disease. Not just from overweight people, but sugar is equally as dangerous for people of a healthy weight. Sugar is terrible for the health, and it is also food for cancer since cancer cells can fuel the growth by consuming a heavy amount of it. It suppresses the immune system and creates an acidic environment where cancer thrives and multiples. It is directly related to breast, prostate, endometrium, and pancreas cancer. Sugar also causes obesity, linked to the esophagus, pancreas-kidney, gallbladder, breast, and colon cancers.

Professor Koga is currently studying whether a particular ingredient is responsible for the enhancement or simply because ice cream sweetness and texture bring about positive emotion and energy that can make us feel better and happier.


By Joshua Marasigan, IFY BOOKS

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