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Monday, March 14, 2022

Research Finds Crying Helps You Lose Weight

Crying,  Lose Weight

Are you an emotional person? Grieving a loved one, enduring a breakup, experiencing symptoms of depression, or do you cry when you watch an unfortunate film?

These are some common causes of frequent crying. When experiencing intense emotion, you might notice weight loss that seems to be associated. The good news is that when you let the tears roll, it may also actually help you shed any unwanted weight!


A study shows that crying associated with heavy emotions can help you shed weight. The research conducted by Dr. Aaron Neufeld from the Los Altos Optometric Group showed that hormones are resulting from emotional crying raise cortisol levels. This backs up the findings in 1982; William Frey, a biochemist said that crying could help remove harmful substances that build-up due to stress. Tears help to eliminate toxins from the body while also reducing stress. Stress reduction aids fat burning in the body.

Crying is a natural reaction to a wide range of emotions, from pain to tension, grief to joy. According to Dr. Aaron Neufeld of Los Altos Optometric Group, there are three sorts of tears: reflex, basal, and psychological/psychic. Natural bodily actions that keep our eyes wet are basal tears (primary functional tears). Reflex tears (irritation tears) are an uncontrollable reaction to stimuli such as smoke and wind. On the other hand, psychic tears are tears that are caused by sentiments and emotions. The latter is the only type of tear that can help you lose weight.

Cortisol is a hormone that affects how alert we are. You are energetic, aware, driven, and receptive to your environment when your cortisol level is high. Your cortisol helps you feel better when you weep, and it provides you the energy to move and do something constructive because your stress chemicals have already been released.

Cortisol isn't always a good thing. You keep your emotions and refuse to let them out or weep, and they will stay elevated; as a result, you may have difficulties sleeping or relaxing no matter how hard you try.

According to scientist William Frey, stress-induced tears eliminate various hazardous chemicals from the body. He concluded that weeping is an excretory mechanism that can aid in the removal of toxins that might build up during times of emotional stress-triggered by real emotions would only benefit this benefit. 

By Joshua Marasigan

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