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Thursday, March 3, 2022

VIDEO: More Than 8000 Anti-war Protesters Detained In Russia

Russian police have detained at least 8,000 people for holding anti-war protests over Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the Russian human rights organization OVD said, as Russians took to the streets in more than 51 cities. The Russian military forces have warned people to stay away and not participate in anti-war protests as it was prohibited. Russian Investigative Committee also said that attending an authorized event is possible prosecution and jail time and offenses could enter on participants' criminal record that may affect and leave a mark on their records. The authorities had also warned people that by joining this type of protest, they risked their health catching Covid-19. 


Children and senior citizens are among the Russian anti-war protestors captured and detained over Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Seven-year-old Sonya and David were the youngest detainees and their parents after holding anti-war posters in St. Petersburg, outside the Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow.


An online petition to stop the assault and invasion of Ukraine was launched after it began on Thursday morning (24th of February). It garnered over 1million signatures by Saturday evening as the first strikes were launched against Ukrainian cities, making it one of Russia's most supported online petitions in recent years.


They were also reports of outages on mobile phones, internet services, and social media like Facebook and Twitter not working. The Russian government typically uses this tactic to make it harder for protesters to communicate and share videos online.

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