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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

The Gruesome Egyptian "Voodoo" Doll, Which Dates From The 3rd To 4th Centuries AD

One of man's earliest forms of magic is the binding spell.

A binding spell is a magical formula used to "bind" or constrain the will or behaviour of another person. Love spells to attempt to silence opponents and any other magic designed to coerce or control the conduct or activities of another person are examples of binding spells. Many binding spells involve knots, pins, or other symbolic restraints. In most ancient spells, spirits or ghosts are symbolically "bound" until they fulfil the demands of the spell caster. Examples have been discovered worldwide, and they were popular in classical Greece and Rome, while additional forms have been found in civilizations as disparate as Celtic Europe and ancient Egypt. 

Love was feared by the ancient Greeks because it was considered an irreparable loss of power. Love spells were frequently buried with other curse tablets in cemeteries where it was supposed that there were many spirits present, and they tended to be aggressive, violent, and spiteful as if punishing the object of the writer's love for failing to reciprocate them. The majority summoned various deities or spirits to grant the supplicant's requests.

This small clay effigy doll was found in Egypt with a folded lead tablet etched with a magical binding spell in a terracotta vase. This is a very gory love charm. A particularly gruesome love charm. Her arms are bound behind her back, and her feet are chained together. She has 13 pins in her body (one in the top of the skull, one in the mouth, one in each eye and ear, one in the solar plexus, vagina, and anus, and one in the palm and sole of each foot).

It's followed with a long Greek charm that enlists the help of a slew of chthonic deities and dead ghosts to force devotion and affection:

"I entrust this binding spell to you chthonic gods, Pluto and Kore Persephone Ereschigal and Adonis also called Barbaritha and Hermes chthonian Thoth Phokensepseu Erektathou Misonktaik and Anubis the powerful Pseriphtha, who holds the keys of Hades, and to you chthonic divine demons, the boys and girls prematurely dead, the young men and women, year after year, month after month, day after day, hour after hour, night after night; I conjure all the demons in this place to assist this demon Antinous. Rouse yourself for me and go to each place, to each neighbourhood, to each house and bind Ptolemais whom Aias bore, the daughter of Horigenes, so that she should not be fucked or should not give any pleasure to another man, except to me alone Sarapammon, whom Area bore; and do not let her eat nor drink nor resist.

By Joshua Marasigan

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