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Monday, May 23, 2022

WHO: Monkeypox Likely Spread By Sex Parties At Raves In Europe


A lead adviser to the World Health Organization says the unprecedented monkeypox outbreak might be explained by risky sexual behavior at two recent mass events in Europe.


In an interview with the Associated Press, Dr. David Heymann, said the leading theory to explain the more than 90 cases of monkeypox in a dozen countries was sexual transmission among gay and bisexual men at two raves held in Spain and Belgium.


Four confirmed cases in Germany have been linked to raves in Gran Canaria and Berlin, according to a government report obtained by AP.


Health officials in Spain are investigating possible links between a Gay Pride event in the Canary Island and cases at a sauna in Madrid.

Madrid, the capital of Spain, has at least 30 cases.


The disease has spread to places like Britain, Spain, Switzerland, France, the U.S. and Australia.


Denmark reported its first case of monkeypox on Monday.


Monkeypox typically causes fever, chills, rash and lesions on the face or genitals.


It can be spread through close contact with an infected person or their clothing or bedsheets, but sexual transmission has not yet been documented.


 [ By The Associated Press & Scripps National ]

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