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Saturday, June 18, 2022

5 Zodiac Signs That Should Never Be Provoked

Every zodiac sign has a darker side to it. Each zodiac sign has both positive and negative characteristics. While some people can never hurt a fly, others can be deadly and terrifying when disturbed. These zodiac signs should not be angered since they can go out of control in their rage and will harm others without hesitation. 

These signs have a darker side than other zodiac signs and should not be provoked excessively. When enraged, they have limited patience and can be uncontrollable. Here are five zodiac signs prone to committing crimes and inflicting harm on themselves or others out of rage.


They are money-obsessed individuals. They only want to be wealthy in life. They will go to any length to attain their goal, including betraying anybody who stands in their way. Pisces is an escapist sign that uses fantasy to cope with their heightened sensitivity. The flip side of this is a predisposition to live outside of reason or reality. Neptune, the planet of dreams and delusions, rules Pisces. Pisces energy is destructive, secretive, and pessimistic when it is at its most deadly. These people are easily wounded, making them vulnerable to despair and developing deep resentments, which can turn into violent fantasies of retribution or dominance. They have a bias for avoiding confrontation and resisting accountability, which contribute to their prolific killing careers.


Tauruses aspire to be the greatest in everything they do. If they witness someone outwitting them, they will not stand for it and will significantly injure and bring that person down. Taurus oversees the Second House of values and possessions, and the deadliest manifestations of this energy are merciless avarice and complete indifference.



As Geminis are friendly and outgoing, many people confide in them and tell them their deepest, darkest secrets. But beware: Geminis can exploit this to their advantage and will not hesitate to deceive you.


Cancer is ruled by the moon and is linked with compassion, intuition, and caring. When it comes to self-reflection, it is emotionally manipulative and delusory in its darkest form. Cancerians have strong feelings and are highly sensitive. When they are enraged, they can lose control and go into overdrive. In their wrath, they may do injury to themselves or others.


Scorpios are prone to become enraged. They are easily upset and can become violent. They are highly ambitious and want to succeed by any means necessary, and as a result, they frequently get themselves into problems. Paranoia, toxic sexuality, obsession, authoritarian tendencies, and the desire for power at all costs are the darker manifestations of Scorpio, which Pluto, the death-daddy planet, rules.

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